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  1. One positive in playing in Edmonton is it would be a homecoming for Fonzie and the first chance for Edmonton fans to see him play for Canada. This would give the crowd numbers a huge boost.
  2. It was mentioned by one of the Edmonton city councilman several months ago that they would not have temporary grass at Commonwealth for WC games. The field turf is scheduled to be replaced around 2026 so they would pull the old turf out, install grass, then pull out the grass after the WC and put in the new field turf.This would help to reduce the overall costs. Not sure if they would leave the grass for the whole Esks season.
  3. Thanks! I hope when we do get our CPL team they get weather than the Eddies LOL
  4. Hi, I have finally decided to join this forum after being a lurker for a very long time. Don’t regularly follow too many leagues such as MLS or EPL just casual watching. Mainly follow this board to keep in touch with the CMNT. I am based in Edmonton so I am certainly hoping for a successful WC 2026 bid. Darin
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