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  1. Went back through their tweets to see if it gave any more information and saw this. Given they don't have an U20 team, I'm expecting a mixture of their U19 squad and U23 players who won't make the team for their league match. A bit of a shame things couldn't be made clearer, hopefully the first 'real' friendlies go down better.
  2. Some Fortuna fans mentioned this the other day on Twitter. They said the first team will be in Austria for a training camp until the day before, so it's unlikely to be them. Sounds like it would have to be the U19s. But they also thought the pricing for it to be U23s was a "scam"
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    Some of this was news to me. Reported about York 9 FC being a thing and Brennan's involvement via Twitter earlier in the week, but was not aware of GreenPark Homes or the stadium situation.
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    I accidentally stumbled upon it the other day. After the tweet from mlswriters I tried looking into York Sports & Entertainment more. They listed two employees on LinkedIn, Brennan as Executive Vice President and Preben Ganzhorn as President. A quick search on Ganzhorn (there wasn't much) and opening every link I could find sent me to his Facebook profile. The very first thing listed was 'President of York 9 FC' with a link to this Facebook page. There are also Twitter and Instagram accounts.
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