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    "Think the biggest issue lumbering over the horizon will be why they would get a cut on CWNT related monies if there is no womens league involved." CSA's former marketing agency IMG (for over 10 year I believe) never developed a pro league (men or women) so I'm not sure how this an issue that's "lumbering on the horizon"? I don't know what IMG's cut was but I'm pretty sure they weren't doing it pro bono.
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    CPL General

    If you don't get why they don't want MLS teams in the CPL after today's announcement then I'm not sure you will ever get it. When you join MLS you get an equity share in Sum. When you join Cpl I expect you will receive an equity share in CSB. If CSB is successful in executing its business plan at some point they will be competing against SUM for broadcast rights, sponsors, etc. Do you really want the VW, TFC and the Impact sharing all your plans with Garber, et. al. back in New York?
  3. I guess you need to look harder. Also, the 86ers did not exist prior to CSL.
  4. Steve Armitage rather than Vic Rauter but lots of Mobillllliooo
  5. First time post long time reader.
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