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  1. Gent is a decent Europa level team. Since becoming a regular starter for Gent back in January, David is probably one of the top 2 or 3 players for the team.
  2. If Davies played today, what would have been the formation? 4-3-3 with Davies playing up front on the right and David dropping to CAM? Or David and Cav up front and Davies and Hoilett on the wings in a 3-5-2? I can see why Gent is playing David as CAM becaus his play making is right up there with his scoring. David just turned 19 back in January but his game is crazy mature. I'm starting to think Gent is going to get an offer for David similar to what Vancouver got for Davies.
  3. From his Syracuse video on page 1 of this thread, he's left footed.
  4. With all due respect, outside of Celtic and Ranger, the league is pretty bad. I watch a lot of streaming video when Miller and David are playing and the Belgian Jupiler League is miles better. Same for MLS. Drop the top 4 teams from SPL and MLS and you'll see that MLS teams have far higher player budgets, infrastructure, revenue streams, etc. The disparity gap between the top and bottom teams is nowhere as bad compared to SPL. Now, if Millar actually got into the game day 18 with the top team, that would be an entirely different discussion altogether. Same for Tabla. There are loads of U20's, U-23's, etc., who don't get a sniff of the game day roster.
  5. I think people who have only seen David play for Canada or highlights of his goals don't appreciate how good a distributor he is. He's a very positive player and decisive when he receives the ball, unlike some players who've never met a back pass they didn't like. I think David is best with the ball when he has attackers in front of him so an ideal formation would be Cav as sole target man and supported by wingers when Canada is attacking, something like a 3-5-1-1 formation.
  6. David had the hockey assist on a great through ball, literally between the defender's legs. At around 1.50 in the video. Notice how deep he is. Gent has him playing mostly CAM and I think that's his best position because he sees the field so well that his play making abilities would be wasted at forward. http://www.footballhighlights247.com/gent-oostende-goals-and-highlights.65vs83.html
  7. David got the hockey assist at 1.50 in the following video but it was still a heck of a pass. http://www.footballhighlights247.com/gent-oostende-goals-and-highlights.65vs83.html
  8. Sanchez is a box-t-box mid and when I watched him in the Euro final with Portugal, he looked destined for stardom and everyone thought Bayern got a bargan at $40M Euros for this guy. Three and a half years from Euro, Sanchez still hasn't established himself and is already making noises about lack of playing time. Even for Bayern, it's be tough to swallow a $25M or $30M Euro haircut on this guy when he finally gets sold back to Sporting or Benefica so they're trying to give him minutes when they can.
  9. I think Bayern still has hopes of salvaging some value for Sanchez. After all, they paid way more for him than for Davies.
  10. I subscribe to The Athletic and the quality of the writing is excellent. Well worth the price of a couple of large coffees a month.
  11. David's soccer IQ is outstanding for a 19 year old who is getting regular minutes on a strong Europa level team. People only looking at stat sheets and seeing he's the top goal scorer on a team when he has maybe half the minutes of people with fewer goals might think he's a one-dimensional player with tunnel vision for the net and nothing else. He understands space so well in the attacking zone. Also, he sees plays developing, like on Gent's second goal where he received the ball outside the box and laid it off immediately for a player who had already started his run down the right channel. In the same game, he cleared a corner by bombing the ball down the field to send a player on a breakaway and it was only because of a horrifically bad first touch that the ball ran too far because by all rights the player should have been able to round the keeper. It may have looked like a desperation clearance but in the highlights, the Gent player was already breaking away downfield as the ball was dropping to David.
  12. Just to give you an ideal of the quality of the Jupiler Pro League in Belgium and the type of competition David is playing against every week as a starter, here's an article on player salaries: Pro footballers in Belgium earn more than €20,000 per month (https://www.thebulletin.be/pro-footballers-belgium-earn-more-eu20000-month) A football player in Belgium’s first-class Jupiler Pro League earns an average annual salary of about €253,586 before taxes, writes Het Nieuwsblad. The amount includes basic wages, group insurance premiums, holiday pay and a 13th month. Anderlecht players are the highest paid in the league by far, with an average gross annual salary of €600,000, followed by Standard Liège (€366,000) and Club Brugge (€365,000). The salaries have increased by 60% over the past six years, from €158,000 to nearly €254,000.
  13. That's a fair assessment. If by the time they're 18 years old, if they're not on the game day 18 of a top club or regularly starting in a decent league (Belgium, Switzerland, Championship, Ligue 2, MLS, etc.), then they can be dropped from the "special" list to perhaps a "very promising" list. But yeah, David has worked his way to the "special" list.
  14. I know! Most players in his position would have just one-timed it as hard as they could. Equally impressive for me was his pass on the first goal. More than anything else, his speed of thought for the game is far beyond his years. There were other times in the game when just made simple passes away from pressure or headers to maintain possession where he knew the options available before he received the ball. Going forward, CAM seems to be a much better position given his vision.
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