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  1. StillOnFire

    CPL Attendances

    I imagine the league will average about 2,500 - 3,000 in its first season. It's probably a big push to imagine League 1 level attendances. But I would love to be proved wrong come the end of 2019!
  2. StillOnFire

    Football Manager 19 - Canadian Megapatch

    Hi, I'm a long time lurker in this board. I have played your league update in 2018 and was excited for a slightly more realistic league update this time, and I have been delighted with it so far. I like that you've knocked down the reputation of clubs and the league this time. Makes it a bit more difficult with signings etc, but I think that's more realistic personally. Anyway, only just a few weeks into a CPL game. I'm managing York9 as I've adopted them as my CPL team. I will happily give you all an update on how I'm doing. But only if you're interested. A little about me.... I have no connection to Canada whatsoever. I'm from South London (the England one!). I have lurked on these boards for several years, I randomly started following Canadian soccer about 5 years ago after taking Canada to the world cup quarter finals on FM13. I'm looking forward to Canada having a top tier football league and hope it's a success I hope I will be able to watch a York9 game live at some point over the next couple years.