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  1. Yeah, I did mention in there that the passes that were missed under zero pressure was frustrating to see. If those were cleaned up the possession and chances created would have been even higher. Reminded me of watching hockey when your team can’t get set up on the power play😅
  2. So before we were frustrated with the players always playing the safe pass and that our players were afraid to try things. I know this wasn’t the best team but it is hard to play against any team that puts every player in the 18 yard box. I think our personnel suits a counter attacking style of play where our players can utilize their speed. Tabla is probably used to breaking down teams that bunker because that’s the Barcelona way... where as Davies has played with a team that gets most of its goals from counter attacks and set pieces. It was frustrating to see wayward passes when players had zero pressure on them, especially when moving the ball from side to side quickly is the key to breaking teams like this down.
  3. There’s no reason why he can’t be comfortable playing in multiple positions I just want those positions to be attacking ones.
  4. This goal was a pretty good example of him being able to cut in from the right. I think he has the aptitude for it, we just haven’t seen much of it so far.
  5. The line up I would like to see with this roster would probably be Cavallini Davies Osorio Hoilett Piette Arfield De Jong Henry James Bault-Guillard Borjan Or Cavallini Davies Osorio Arfield Hoilett Piette De Jong Henry James Brault-Guillard subs David Millar Busti
  6. Hmm I wonder why anyone ever does a diving header if using your feet is always the better option 🤔 I don’t think he would have reached it with his foot. It did look like he hesitated though and was a little caught in between the two
  7. That was a very difficult ball he was dealing with and he had a good game up to that point. If he missed that header and the ball got through to the TFC player I better people wouldn’t be as hard on him. He made some great tackles during the game and with 10 men the whitecaps were soaking up a lot of pressure. If it we jakovic playing in that game I don’t see him doing any better. An own goal like that isn’t any worse than having someone just run by you and score IMO.
  8. If Canada wants to qualify for the World Cup they need to proceed through the rounds of qualification by winning games... just so everyone knows.
  9. Larin Cavallini Davies Hoilet Piette Arfeild deJong James Vitoria Petrasso Maybe??
  10. Cardiff! Then he can build chemistry with Hoilett
  11. I don’t know about the rest of Canada but here in BC most of my friends that aren’t even soccer fans know who Alphonso is. They definitely don’t know who Liam is though. My one friend who cheers for liver pool but doesn’t pay attention to our national team (cheers for England) didn’t even know they had a Canadian in their Academy.
  12. It was a very difficult game to watch. Multiple players going for the same ball and no one getting possession. I think hurtado and Felipe did this a few times and of course waston and marinovic on the 2nd goal. Very disconnected. I didn’t like Carl’s subs at all, Tiebert was one of the better players in possession and like many have said Davies needs to stay in an offensive role. I would like to see him in the center attacking midfield role. His dribbling in tight spaces has gotten so good and he’s got really good strength for protecting the ball. I’m just not sure if his passing is good enough but I’m confident it will improve.
  13. Atiba has played quite a bit of right back and is a great CDM. He would probably be better at RCB than most of our CB’s.
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