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  1. clb2c4e

    CPL General

    Yes and pro/rel involves multiple teirs... People are saying there is nothing benificial for pro/rel for existing teams. There are many potential benefits, that's one. Another one is the meaningfulness of games at the end of the season, you could see the drop off in attendance for bottom of the Standings teams in the MLS. Further it provides and organic less bureaucratic way of teams sorting into their desired tier and joining the league. It provides a way to unify soccer in Canada, it takes care of bridging gaps between levels. It's more exciting, more genuine in the sense the league is constructed by the teams not solely by business decisions. Are there problems and disadvantages? For sure. Are there other formats that can do what pro/rel can and better? Perhaps, I don't think quite a well and further, I it's a stated goal, let's go with solutions not problems.
  2. clb2c4e

    CPL General

    The advantage of pro rel for the owners would be the ability to commit without having a full idea of the costs /income but knowing that a few years down the road if it is too much they could move to a less costly league without folding. In that case I would advocate a duv2 split into west and everyone else and a div 3 of provinces or a few provinces depending on the team distribution. What I'd be interested in is when is it fully amature, ideally the first two would be pro with the second obviously barely so. And would this be an opportunity to eventually fully integrate current clubs/subsume provincial organizations.
  3. It is available, perhaps for those outside of Canada. I'm in Belgium and it's running fine. Perhaps a VPN will help.
  4. Lets maybe have the rest of the games anywhere else but Toronto, it's a bit embarrassing when the scoreline might be higher than the attendance
  5. clb2c4e

    CPL Season Schedule

    No playoffs sounds more like a move to keep things simple. With 7 or 8 teams playoffs are going to be a rehash of the season anyways. Make this coming year a success, solidify next year with a few more teams and then start the dialogue about playoffs etc etc.
  6. clb2c4e

    CPL General

    Yes you do if the goal is to put Canada into global competition. I would be surprised if there is anywhere in the world that is serious about soccer that doesn't have a league that pays all their players to be full time pros. That doesn't mean that if that doesn't happen the league won't help Canadian soccer or that it won't be a success but it won't be a fully fledged pro league.
  7. clb2c4e

    CPL General

    To me what's much more important, for the league and for the perception of it is not so much the salary cap but the salary minimum. That should be a salary equivalent to full time work, aka, to be a professional. So basically, as long as the minimum is above 30k then I don't think the cap matters too much. Of course, for the minimum to be 30k for 25 players, that is a cap of a minimum 750k, and realistically, a cap of nearer to 1m if you want to have any players paid above that. Still, whatever it is, I think it's very important to have everyone on the roster a 'full time' player.
  8. You may be on the internet where it always seems everyone is disrespectful or negative. The other poster may have no idea about the motivations or ties of Millar and was perhaps just excited that it is now officially confirmed he is part of the future of Canadian soccer.
  9. Well Canada does have a west coast as well.. In respect to flights to and from Europe to it 14 hours is standard for a good one.
  10. Then try living on the west coast, 14 hours is cute 😛
  11. The score line is great but what's with all the skying of the ball?
  12. The duck has commendeered the commentators booth and started dj'ing
  13. Yeah, I'm in Argentina and the internet is terrible but it's still pretty good. Aside from the occasional bad camera angles it's pretty good. Any idea on the cost come December?
  14. I liked this forum, it had interesting info, I'm not in any group so it's hard to stay in the loup. But over the past year it got pretty bad to the point there was quite a bit of mesogynistic posts that seemed to be accepted, it seemed pretty toxic so I left, haven't been back until now.
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