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  1. Bdog

    TFC CCL 2019

    That was the most embarrassing shit ever
  2. I'm not too optimistic right now but that being said, I don't think we're totally screwed. Independente is a team we can beat with a weak lineup, not saying it's easy (due to the whole CONCACAF thing) but it's the weakest team we'll play. As a "positive", I'm looking at game reports and we nearly went through the whole competition without Vazquez. He played the Colorado games, played 15 minutes TOTAL in the two legs against Tigres, and was injured against America and Guadalajara. We're pretty much just missing Giovinco but I don't feel too confident without some kind of new TAM/DP before we meet the Mexican teams.
  3. I was thinking Tomori when I watched the video. The "big country" part seems like it's England but I guess Portugal/Chile/Belgium can all apply to that. The Portuguese players both are out for a while so I don't think it's one of them. Gutierrez like mentioned above would be a bit underwhelming. Bassong would be cool but is he really a "pioneer" for coming over here? Just because Herdman mentioned the word pioneer it sounds like big news, but obviously we have to read a lot into this.
  4. Davies on the bench, Bayern going with a pretty strong starting lineup.
  5. If he's a VV TAM replacement and we still get this "in prime" DP, things are suddenly looking much better. Just a few depth guys needed at that point.
  6. He didn't say really good club but "in his prime". I'm hoping it is a player like those two or Nani (but probably not because he doesn't fit the description), could be Hanni like mentioned above though.
  7. Bayern plays tomorrow at 9:30am eastern, it's only on Sportsnet World this time. Aaaaaand I'll be sleeping still so I'll have to avoid spoilers and find a replay later.
  8. The other national team I'm eligible for
  9. Quite a good trade for Hagglund considering his ceiling is probably lower end MLS starter. Too bad he won't be CMNT eligible but he'd be depth at best so not the biggest loss. I'll never forget his playoff goal against Montreal though. As for VDW I'm disappointed if he leaves as well. He wasn't what we expected at RB but was very solid at CB, now we're looking thin at CB. If Ciman/Moor/Mavinga stay healthy all year we're fine but if there are injuries we're very screwed, all we have behind them is nephew. VDW apparently made 800k so we should have tons of money to work with now.
  10. If it's not an inconsistent shitshow like in MLS, sure.
  11. Henry is the only other CB they have right now, right? Obviously they're going to have to sign a few more but it looks like Cornelius has a chance to grab the starting spot. I may have to secretly cheer for the Whitecaps this year, last year I watched most games but only cared about Davies. The starting XI is looking pretty Canadian right now, though we thought the Limpact would play a bunch last year and Piette was the only regular starter so who knows.
  12. Aww man, Vazquez was the best player in the league in 2017. It's a shame his knees are made of glass (like mine!). I'm lost when it comes to the salary cap these days with GAM, TAM, and whatever else there is but don't we now have $2.5 million from VV and Aketxe leaving?
  13. It's on Sportsnet Ontario! I'm also off on Friday so hopefully I can catch his debut live.
  14. It appears that ZBG has gone the full 90 minutes in OL2's last 9 games. Good to see.
  15. Hasn't scored for Bayern yet, I think we should all give up on him to be honest.
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