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  1. On the subject of Busti, last night I was trying to find out how he's been doing but he appears to be on the bench for Juventus u23 almost every week. There's a 28 year old getting a few starts but it has mostly been a 20 year old starting ahead of him. He's still very young so I don't think we should be worried or anything, too bad he isn't getting more game time though.
  2. Idk if we can trust him on the field after seeing all those half reps
  3. Bdog

    TFC 2019 Season

    Hasler just got waived, really hope we bring him back.
  4. Bdog

    TFC 2019 Season

    I know Pozuelo is debuting tomorrow but I’m still feeling so impatient when it comes to TAM signings. I need some bullshit rumours or something!
  5. My guide shows Tennis on instead, I thought it wasn’t going to be televised and was pissed. I assume it’s an error/still needs needs to be updated?
  6. That pass for the offside breakaway...damn
  7. "spent a substantial number of their formative years living in Canada "
  8. I’m not watching but fuck yeah!
  9. I totally forgot about him. At one point he was 3rd on our striker depth chart, no?
  10. Bdog

    TFC 2019 Season

    I'm now feeling slightly more optimistic for this season. Good win by the boys and this was without Altidore, Pozuelo, and the two(?) TAM players we're going to sign.
  11. Zavaleta for Edwards let's do it!
  12. A lot of people on the Hearts Kickback forum are giving him positive reviews. You have to think he should be given a chance to fight for the starting RB spot with ZBG.
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