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  1. between the great support in the game against French Guiana (no shade towards Toronto), the large stadium capacity, as well as some of the things media people are saying in vancouver about the prospects of more NT games coming to the city (very positive)...i'd be shocked if BC Place isn't the clear frontrunner for the home game vs the US.
  2. 2016 friendly in LA at the conclusion of usmnt january camp
  3. gotta be BC Place, the demand for this game is going to be massive and BC Place has that capacity advantage
  4. he's getting very good minutes at what is likely to be a supporter's shield + MLS Cup contender, he's absolutely one of our top midfield options going into the Gold Cup. plus he already has experience in the competition, which is valuable
  5. Mediapro is apparently investing $200 million over the lifetime of the deal.
  6. In a TSN interview, Herdman teased an imminent announcement of a dual national joining the CMNT fold. (skip to 7:50)
  7. berhalter's a good coach in my opinion
  8. for what it's worth, the caps are literally not allowed to 'pocket' the davies money. they have to re-invest it either into the academy or first-team i get the impression that they're going to splurge on a DP striker using a decent portion of that davies $$$
  9. This German article says that Cornelius has passed a medical with the Caps, en route to signing with them.
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