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  1. El Diego

    Gold Cup 2019

    Don't check this thread for one day... and I come back to whatever the hell this is?
  2. You can't compare a tackle on a player dribbling the ball to a keeper who has control of it. A player dribbling the ball always can be tackled, they never have the ball 100%. A keeper with the ball in his hands is off limits, everyone knows this. The keeper is not expected to protect himself if it is clear that he has control. That was a horror show tackle. The keeper was especially vulnerable.
  3. El Diego

    CSA Awards

    Didn't see a topic, and thought it deserved its own thread. https://www.tsn.ca/arfield-sinclair-davies-and-huitema-among-canada-soccer-award-nominees-1.1217401 Canadian Players of the Year Nominees Men Scott Arfield, Glasgow Rangers (Scotland); Milan Borjan, Red Star Belgrade (Serbia); Lucas Cavallini, Puebla FC (Mexico); Jonathan David, KAA Gent (Belgium); Alphonso Davies, Bayern Munich (Germany); David (Junior) Hoilett, Cardiff City (Wales); Atiba Hutchinson. Besiktas (Turkey); Cyle Larin, Besiktas (Turkey); Liam Millar, Liverpool FC U-23 (England); Jonathan Osorio, Toronto FC; Samuel Piette, Montreal Impact; Ballou Tabla, FC Barcelona B (Spain). Women Janine Beckie, Manchester City (England); Kadeisha Buchanan, Olympique Lyonnais (France); Allysha Chapman, Houston Dash; Jessie Fleming, UCLA; Stephanie Labbe, Linkopings FC (Sweden); Ashley Lawrence, Paris Saint-Germain (France); Nichelle Prince, Houston Dash; Rebecca Quinn, Washington Spirit; Sophie Schmidt, unattached; Desiree Scott, Utah Royals; Christine Sinclair, Portland Thorns; Shelina Zadorsky, Orlando Pride. Canadian Youth International Players of the Year Nominees Men Alessandro Busti, Juventus U-23 (Italy); Mathieu Choiniere, Montreal Impact; Derek Cornelius, FK Javor Ivanjica (Serbia); Jonathan David, KAA Gent (Belgium); Julian Dunn, Toronto FC II; Liam Millar, Liverpool FC U-23 (England); Noble Okello, Toronto FC II; Shamit Shome, Montreal Impact. Women Maya Antoine, Ontario Super REX; Wayny Balata, Quebec Super REX; Julia Grosso, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BC Soccer REX; Jordyn Huitema, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BC Soccer REX; Anna Karpenko, Ontario Super REX; Jayde Riviere, Ontario Super REX; Jade Rose, Ontario Super REX; Andersen Williams, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BC Soccer REX. -------------------- Is there an obvious pick for the men? I might honestly go for Borjan for the men, David for the youth (side note: I hate when awards allow nominees to be in both higher and lesser categories. Like we know it has to be one of David or Millar. Also, I assume Davies and Tabla are ineligible for the youth awards because they have won a youth award in the past). I don't follow the women as closely but I think Kadeisha has surpassed Sinclair (generally speaking) for good now, though I don't know enough about their 2018s. Youth women has to go to Huitema, surely.
  4. El Diego

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Sorry to off topic this thread a bit but wow this is incredible. Chris Konopka in the EPL is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. The guy has played 57 matches in his 10 year career. Incredible.
  5. El Diego

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Absolutely. Like the hell is going with Battlefield Corner 1? Who would sit there? And that's at the highest price range?
  6. El Diego

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I'm sure it has been discussed elsewhere, but I do wonder what happens to the Sigma pipeline. Are those who would have gone to the NCAA gonna go to Forge now? I read a post saying that Sigma has some deal where they are able to actually profit off of NCAA players somehow. Assuming that is true, are they gonna continue to push (I am also assuming that they push them to the NCAA, tbf) their players that route?
  7. El Diego

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Even if you don't take into account the snooping and the rumours from the past week, these are still not surprising signings. Pretty much exactly the type of player I thought would be signed. Now the question is, what will a star player look like (or is it already a guy like Bekker?), and just how many of this level of player will each team have (i.e. are they average or core starter level?).
  8. El Diego

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    He was called up to the u17s in 2012 when he was playing for the Leiria youth team: https://canadasoccer.com/?pid=5005&t=profile& I don't think most (if any?) of the people on this board had heard of him at that point. The Scotland friendly was in March, 2017. Stephen made his Portugal u21 debut in November, 2017. I don't think it's crazy to think that, had he been called up in March, that he could have rejected based on thinking he had a shot with Portugal. I'm not saying that's what happened, and I by no means am a CSA apologist, but based on the little info we have on Stephen's situation I don't think we can necessarily jump down the CSA's throats for this guy (although I do understand the CSA doesn't get the benefit of the doubt).
  9. El Diego

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    To think that it is possible that a player would be used as an attacker by Bayern and a defender by Canada is absolutely mind boggling
  10. El Diego

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    I'm not sure why Stephen would switch at this time. He's clearly on the Pourtuguese FA's radar; he just started and played 90 minutes of a play off qualifier in a very important position. It's also not like he just has some familial connection with Portugal that makes him eligible -- he's been there since (at least) the age of 9. Why wouldn't he hold out a bit longer for the senior team? Not that I don't think we should make a play for him...
  11. El Diego

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    If Marcelo was Canadian then the right thing to do would be to play him as an attacker
  12. El Diego

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    I really hope that is the last time we ever see Davies at left back. Putting him there is just over thinking things. Get him near the goal, get him less worried about tracking back, and put him in positions where he can be creative without fear of losing the ball/position in a dangerous area. Heck, he wasn't even feigning interest in defending through parts of the match. What's the point of putting him back there?
  13. El Diego

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    1. He didn't say he approached Biello, he said that he had an opportunity to speak with him. Perhaps the players were unavailable for some reason in the moment he had a chance to talk to them. 2. I certainly would want to speak with Biello over the players, so it's conceivable someone else would, too. Don't get me wrong, I think it's baloney too, just for different reasons.
  14. El Diego

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    What is the cost of playing twice in 48 (or 72) hours, accounting for player happiness, quality of product, league perception, viewer/fan fatigue, etc.? Is it higher than the cost for scheduling matches in such a way that the teams will have to come back another time? If I had to guess, I think the cost for the latter is more. Obviously, I don't know. Equally obvious, the league will never actually know, but this is the analysis they have to do. Maybe there's a different option that isn't as obvious.
  15. El Diego

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    Perhaps someone could DM you a direct link? Or, if you live with someone, ask them to find the match on the site and start it. (I had my ex do this for Euro 2012 )