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  1. That's when I first noticed him, too. His positive attributes are really salient, I'm surprised he wasn't seen as a better prospect before his break out.
  2. I liked what I saw from Laryea, but TFC absolutely dominated possession so it was difficult to gauge how we would have looked as a traditional right back. He seems to have the profile for a wing back, and his time playing as a midfielder makes him appear more clever with the ball than many full backs. I don't know where to put him in the mix for a NT call up without seeing more of him, but he's on the radar, at least.
  3. I am having difficulty picking a 23 man squad for Canada, but for the first time this difficulty is from figuring out who to leave at home rather than who to bring. My personal picks if I had to choose today: Goalkeepers (3) Milan Borjan, Maxime Crepeau, Dayne St. Clair Defenders (7) Sam Adekugbe, Zachary Brault-Guillard, Derek Cornelius, Marcus Godinho, Doneil Henry, Manjrekar James, Kamal Miller Midfielders (6) Scott Arfield, Atiba Hutchinson, Samuel Piette, Jonathan Osorio, Mark-Anthony Kaye, David Wotherspoon Attackers (7) Lucas Cavallini, Jonathan David, Alphonso Davies, Junior Hoilett, Cyle Larin, Liam Millar, Ballou Tabla Notes: - I always thought that the third goalkeeper should be for development purposes; we need to get St. Clair into the NT picture (also considered Ranjitsingh) - Kaye can cover the back up left-back spot. In fact, he may be the starter there over Adekugbe - Wotherspoon was my last pick. I was thinking about guys like Edwards or Teibert for versatility, Chapman for something different, Fraser for youth, or a different position for more cover in other areas, but I feel like Wotherspoon is decently versatile himself and we need to know what we have with him and whether or not he's someone we use going forward - Our midfielders (other than Wotherspoon) pick themselves, and when (if?) Atiba retires then Eustaquio will slide right in as a clear pick. Not only that, we have lots of versatility in the type of central midfielders we have. You can throw out any combination of Arfield, Atiba, Piette, Osorio, Kaye, or Eustaquio and it would be pretty well balanced - I honestly almost left Larin off the team. If we had one striker other than Cavallini who was solid (Akindele?) then he'd be off. I was always a booster of his but his lack of form is undeniable at this point. That being said, sometimes players can use national team appearances to kick start their careers
  4. El Diego

    Saskatoon CanPL

    I think Saskatoon makes more sense from a stadium stand point. I can't know what's going on in Joe Belan's head but the tea leaves certainly point to Saskatoon. Belan is doing a Q&A this evening in Saskatoon and one tomorrow in Regina. I'll be going to the Regina one, so we'll see if the topics of discussion are different between the two cities. It's kind of bad timing though, considering Regina's biggest tournament (WCP World Cup -- founded by former NT player Kevin Holness) is just getting underway
  5. From the ProSoccer article: "When he was 10, David joined the Gloucester Dragons Soccer Academy, and then in 2016 he played for the Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club program. It was there he was spotted by the Belgian side KAA Gent, who signed him to a professional contract in January 2018. David’s story highlights that Canada, despite its three Major League Soccer teams, still has plenty of cracks when it comes to youth development — cracks that national team head coach John Herdman hopes the newly-created Canadian Premier League will fill when it kicks off in April." While cracks may indeed exist, using David as an example is hogwash. He was well known to Canadian Soccer people/fans before his move to Belgium, and was playing for youth national teams well before his move to Belgium. Maybe I'm misremembering, but wasn't he actually spotted while on international duty?
  6. To me, Coman looks like Bayern's best attacker. Of course, the caveat is when he's fit. Gnabry has been in solid form every time I've watched him this season, but from a talent level Coman is better. Where Davies fits is hard to say. Right now he's behind both those guys in ability but I don't think he's far behind Gnabry, whom I am certain he will surpass if his development continues. We shouldn't expect much from Davies this season. He is extremely young and mid season transfers are always difficult. Next season, with Robbery gone and a full pre-season under his belt, is when we should start expecting an impact.
  7. Nice article. People can say what they want about college athletics and the NCAA road for soccer players (and trust me, I'm not some NCAA apologist in either scenario), but the truth is there are some virtues to the college path (both within in and outside the sport).
  8. Millar was bright when he came on. He played as a left winger in Kilmarnock's 433. Almost scored soon after coming on after a nice interplay on the left wing, keeper made a decent save. He took players on seemingly every time he got the ball. His service with his left foot was poor, but he was very direct and facilitated numerous one-twos.
  9. Really strong XI from Bayern, so at least in that sense it's encouraging for Davies. McAleny was described by Steve Clarke as a "nine and a half". Dundee are way down the table, so might not see Millar today if Killie get a lead. The good news for Millar is that Ndjoli, who started at striker last match, was utterly useless. The bad news is that Killie have two strikers (Brophy and K. Boyd) who should be returning from injury relatively soon. Wonder where Clarke sees him fitting in the squad, probably has a better chance of minutes out wide.
  10. Looks like he's gone into a central striking role as Killie push for an equalizer. Almost scored with his first touch on a header.
  11. Fair to say, I don't watch regularly watch League One. It is often referred to as easily the best third division in the world. If I had to bet, I'd say a 'regular' SPL side would be a mid-low Championship side. But like I said earlier, I'd wager that there is quite a bit of variance in the SPL.
  12. Bodes well for our guys who play there. I'll be honest, I thought it was nice that Godinho was getting minutes, but didn't put much stock in it. I'm not saying it's a super high level or anything, but I've had an image of the SPL being like League One (outside Celtic) max, which now I don't think is the case. To actually watch and realize that he's (sort of?) a regular there gives me more food for thought. I do wonder if, like a lot of leagues, the gap between the good and the bad teams is REALLY wide. The league table kinda points to that.
  13. Hearts up 2-0. Second goal was a really well worked FK routine; it was really clever without being too gimmicky. It was actually rather simple, elegant, and efficient. I wish I thought of it when I was coaching tbh. It was akin to a grid iron football play with a bunch formation and a pick route. Kilmarnock are not playing poorly. Burke (RW) has been bright, Jones (LW) less so, and Ndjoli (FC) has been a bit invisible. Maybe we can get Millar on for one of them, or maybe Killie change their shape being down by 2? As I type this, Killie get a PK. Jones scores it to make it 2-1 right before HT. The level of play is higher than I expected. I haven't watched the SPL in a while.
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