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  1. Millar was bright when he came on. He played as a left winger in Kilmarnock's 433. Almost scored soon after coming on after a nice interplay on the left wing, keeper made a decent save. He took players on seemingly every time he got the ball. His service with his left foot was poor, but he was very direct and facilitated numerous one-twos.
  2. Really strong XI from Bayern, so at least in that sense it's encouraging for Davies. McAleny was described by Steve Clarke as a "nine and a half". Dundee are way down the table, so might not see Millar today if Killie get a lead. The good news for Millar is that Ndjoli, who started at striker last match, was utterly useless. The bad news is that Killie have two strikers (Brophy and K. Boyd) who should be returning from injury relatively soon. Wonder where Clarke sees him fitting in the squad, probably has a better chance of minutes out wide.
  3. Looks like he's gone into a central striking role as Killie push for an equalizer. Almost scored with his first touch on a header.
  4. Fair to say, I don't watch regularly watch League One. It is often referred to as easily the best third division in the world. If I had to bet, I'd say a 'regular' SPL side would be a mid-low Championship side. But like I said earlier, I'd wager that there is quite a bit of variance in the SPL.
  5. Bodes well for our guys who play there. I'll be honest, I thought it was nice that Godinho was getting minutes, but didn't put much stock in it. I'm not saying it's a super high level or anything, but I've had an image of the SPL being like League One (outside Celtic) max, which now I don't think is the case. To actually watch and realize that he's (sort of?) a regular there gives me more food for thought. I do wonder if, like a lot of leagues, the gap between the good and the bad teams is REALLY wide. The league table kinda points to that.
  6. Hearts up 2-0. Second goal was a really well worked FK routine; it was really clever without being too gimmicky. It was actually rather simple, elegant, and efficient. I wish I thought of it when I was coaching tbh. It was akin to a grid iron football play with a bunch formation and a pick route. Kilmarnock are not playing poorly. Burke (RW) has been bright, Jones (LW) less so, and Ndjoli (FC) has been a bit invisible. Maybe we can get Millar on for one of them, or maybe Killie change their shape being down by 2? As I type this, Killie get a PK. Jones scores it to make it 2-1 right before HT. The level of play is higher than I expected. I haven't watched the SPL in a while.
  7. Sounds like one of Kilmarnock's top attackers (Brophy) has a knock. The starting striker (Ndjoli) is on loan and has one goal this year, but the fans on the Killie forums (I'm picking up their lingo already!) seem high on him. Not sure where Clarke sees Millar, but Liam seems to be able to play anywhere across the front so hopefully it means he can get meaningful minutes for the rest of the season.
  8. Thank you, as well. A lot of that made sense to me.
  9. Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to post that, I know it can be annoying to talk about the law in your spare time.
  10. Any chance you can give a brief run down/crash course? It's not that I don't believe you, I just know zero about IP law and certainly don't remember enough from prop to know what's going on.
  11. I've always had a tough time getting a true read on Millar's level. I like what I see, but also think he's very raw. It's hard to compare him against u19 and u23 sides, and even his international caps have been against some wonky competition (and mostly in a wonky position). The Scottish league itself is tough to get a bead on, but if he can make an impact at Kilmarnock it would be no joke. Tied for 2nd in the SPL is pretty solid, and many other Canadians haven't been lighting it up in the Scottish top tier recently.
  12. I don't know how long Bayern have been in on Hudson-Odoi, but Chelsea just signed Pulisic and foreign teams are starting to poach kids from English clubs. Plus, Hudson-Odoi is a mega talent who has been on the radar for a while considering his age. So while I wouldn't say it's good for Davies that Bayern are looking to sign another young attacker, I wouldn't say it's exactly surprising.
  13. Don't check this thread for one day... and I come back to whatever the hell this is?
  14. You can't compare a tackle on a player dribbling the ball to a keeper who has control of it. A player dribbling the ball always can be tackled, they never have the ball 100%. A keeper with the ball in his hands is off limits, everyone knows this. The keeper is not expected to protect himself if it is clear that he has control. That was a horror show tackle. The keeper was especially vulnerable.
  15. Didn't see a topic, and thought it deserved its own thread. https://www.tsn.ca/arfield-sinclair-davies-and-huitema-among-canada-soccer-award-nominees-1.1217401 Canadian Players of the Year Nominees Men Scott Arfield, Glasgow Rangers (Scotland); Milan Borjan, Red Star Belgrade (Serbia); Lucas Cavallini, Puebla FC (Mexico); Jonathan David, KAA Gent (Belgium); Alphonso Davies, Bayern Munich (Germany); David (Junior) Hoilett, Cardiff City (Wales); Atiba Hutchinson. Besiktas (Turkey); Cyle Larin, Besiktas (Turkey); Liam Millar, Liverpool FC U-23 (England); Jonathan Osorio, Toronto FC; Samuel Piette, Montreal Impact; Ballou Tabla, FC Barcelona B (Spain). Women Janine Beckie, Manchester City (England); Kadeisha Buchanan, Olympique Lyonnais (France); Allysha Chapman, Houston Dash; Jessie Fleming, UCLA; Stephanie Labbe, Linkopings FC (Sweden); Ashley Lawrence, Paris Saint-Germain (France); Nichelle Prince, Houston Dash; Rebecca Quinn, Washington Spirit; Sophie Schmidt, unattached; Desiree Scott, Utah Royals; Christine Sinclair, Portland Thorns; Shelina Zadorsky, Orlando Pride. Canadian Youth International Players of the Year Nominees Men Alessandro Busti, Juventus U-23 (Italy); Mathieu Choiniere, Montreal Impact; Derek Cornelius, FK Javor Ivanjica (Serbia); Jonathan David, KAA Gent (Belgium); Julian Dunn, Toronto FC II; Liam Millar, Liverpool FC U-23 (England); Noble Okello, Toronto FC II; Shamit Shome, Montreal Impact. Women Maya Antoine, Ontario Super REX; Wayny Balata, Quebec Super REX; Julia Grosso, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BC Soccer REX; Jordyn Huitema, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BC Soccer REX; Anna Karpenko, Ontario Super REX; Jayde Riviere, Ontario Super REX; Jade Rose, Ontario Super REX; Andersen Williams, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BC Soccer REX. -------------------- Is there an obvious pick for the men? I might honestly go for Borjan for the men, David for the youth (side note: I hate when awards allow nominees to be in both higher and lesser categories. Like we know it has to be one of David or Millar. Also, I assume Davies and Tabla are ineligible for the youth awards because they have won a youth award in the past). I don't follow the women as closely but I think Kadeisha has surpassed Sinclair (generally speaking) for good now, though I don't know enough about their 2018s. Youth women has to go to Huitema, surely.
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