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  1. played another friendly for the main Stuttgart team, playing the full 90 in a 4-1 win. Elva scored the 3rd goal in the 23rd minute. 2 goals in 2 games while with the 1st team. No idea if he had any assists though. the team was another 3rd division club. So he's showing he could do 3rd division Germany. http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/intligen/intpokale/fussball-vereine-freundschaftsspiele/2017-18/45/4212276/spielschema_fsv-zwickau-21_vfb-stuttgart-11.html#omsmtwkicker
  2. stay in Mexico, makes it easier for us when we play away to Mexico when one of our main strikers plays there weekly. Plus Liga MX is better quality league than MLS, so he'll develop better.
  3. 1st issue, is that according to transfermarkt his contract expires July 2018. if he renews, since Stuttgart will make Europa League if Bayern win the German Cup. It means they will compete in 3 tournaments next season, between the league, cup and Europe. The more matches they have the more likelihood rotations will be involved. What Elva needs to do is to constantly impress any chance he gets in friendlies, camps etc. Maybe next season he starts to slowly get integrated to the 1st team or maybe Stuttgart loans him out next season to lower divisions.
  4. kid played in a friendly game for Stuttgart vs 3rd division team and scored the 2nd goal for Stuttgart in a 5-3 loss. came off the bench in the 59 minute and scored in the 73 minute. Team seems to be a mix of 1st team players and reserve players. http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/intligen/intpokale/fussball-vereine-freundschaftsspiele/2017-18/45/4212324/spielschema_hallescher-fc-4440_vfb-stuttgart-11.html#omsmtwkicker
  5. cool, thanks! seems to be another promising striker. Hopefully he'll get some 1st team minutes as soon as possible. More likely next season as Gent are fighting for European spots now, which seems to be a tight race.
  6. any updates on him? It's been 2 months? How has he been doing in that time?
  7. it's great that CR, Panama and the US are all on the same bracket to the finals. Which means we avoid them all until then. Mexico on the other hand could be the only big gun in our side of the bracket.
  8. I'm proud of our boys. If this was a normal tournament. We actually qualify for the knockouts as top 2. And Honduras would be out! This was also the group of death. Truthfully I'm glad we got 2nd place. Better to play El Salvador or Jamaica then play US or Panama.
  9. sooo Malouda is starting vs Honduras.
  10. Davies is already Canada's 4th all time GC scorer. 6 goals-Gerba, De Rosario 5 goals, Corazzin 3 goals, Davies, Mitchell, McKenna
  11. Very cool that after the 1st run in all 3 groups. Davies is the top scorer at 2 goals!
  12. FT, CR 1-0 Win. so the group standings 1-Canada, 3 pts, +2 GD 2-CR, 3 pts, +1 GD 3-Honuras, 0 pts, -1 GD 4-FG, 0 pts, -2 GD
  13. uh, not sure why I'm weird? Those goals should not have happened. The 1st goal came from a corner that came from a very very poor clearance. The 2nd goal was also poor overall defending. I admit the 2 goals conceded make me worried about playing Honduras and Costa Rica.
  14. it's a huge shame that instead of a +4 GD, we ended up with a +2 GD.
  15. have to say AJH and Davies make a better team than Davies and Cavallini. also soooooo glad Davies became a Canadian before the GC.
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