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    errol crossan

  2. Santos, SP baixada santista in da house
  3. Yeah, I know about the myth of course. In Brazil, we say that a lie repeated a thousand times goes true. 😃 I wonder that how this speculation started, it looks like someone back in early 2000 decided to troll everybody about it and then Joey became a new canadian young star soccer. hahahahaha btw, Alejandro Kukovica plays for Campo Grande AC U-20, maybe he is the Joey Torchia of this decade lol
  4. thats the point, Toje. i cant find anything unless these topics from network54.com and look: on there, most of the topics are asking: where is Joey Torchia? I am sorry but it doesnt proves that he was a real player.
  5. is that Joey Torchia real or just a joke by you guys? i cant find anything about this one on internet...
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