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  1. Santos, SP baixada santista in da house
  2. Reading the old pages of this thread, feel glad to see some of especulations became signings for CanPL clubs
  3. Greg Ranjitsingh? Dont think he is into Canucks once his desire is to play for TT. St Clair would be a nice add for the team, if I was Herdman i also would think about Adam Hemati
  4. and he is a NT member these last years
  5. on wikipedia it also says that former Winnipeg Blue Bombers placekicker Troy Westwood joined Winnipeg Fury during CSL
  6. Eck was even top scorer of that saison w/ 21 goals
  7. according to wikipedia, Ted Eck joined Ottawa in 1989, so voila!
  8. What about caps for Futsal and Beach soccer teams? I know york's Abzi played for the futsal team last year
  9. just created a page for London Lasers on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Lasers it has a lack of information, i know... guys feel free to edit and help the article
  10. I really hope to see Foothills in CanPL ASAP.
  11. Foothills won Chicago by 1-0 and gonna face Reading United in national final !!!
  12. What about Benito Floro?
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