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  1. I don't think Seaway Park would be realistic. I used to live in St-Lambert and there's absolutely no way the municipal government agrees to anything that involves people and noise. They really place a huge emphasis on having beautiful parks and keeping the city calm and quiet.
  2. Great opportunity for him! Hopefully he can use his connections with MLS teams to form a better pathway for players to develop.
  3. itsinmyhead

    CPL Shitposts

    Because of the CPL, Canada should get 5 champions league spots
  4. Just kicked-off. Here is the direct link: https://www.facebook.com/concacafcom/videos/1430908673618081/
  5. Could be true, IMFC don't have a ton of depth at his position so it's a very good opportunity to try to secure a place.
  6. Adam Braz just told Tony Marinaro on TSN690 that the Impact won't allow MLS players on loan to Ottawa play against them in V-Cup, but Impact prospects that have been signed to the Fury for development will be allowed to play.
  7. Oops, I misspoke. I meant I just *bought* mine Sorry if I got your hopes up LOL
  8. To be fair he was loaned out to the Charleston Battery this year where he played 27 games and wasn't terrible AFAIK
  9. I really hope Aron Mkungilwa gets a shot. He's shown a ton of promise with FC Montreal and might be the replacement for Oyongo we are looking for when he inevitably goes to Europe.
  10. Ooh, just got mine and hoping Montreal or surrounding areas gets a taste of some nice CanPL action!
  11. Looks like that tweet might be true after all. Impact are not confirming that FC Montreal will be in the USL next season https://twitter.com/CapitaineSoccer/status/804744168920727552
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