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  1. Pretty sure a lot of cpl players have the same resume or below. They lack depth in defence. He’s a solid signing at this point. Hopefully they can add Edgar etc after the English leagues are finished
  2. Newfoundland doesn’t have the capacity to have a stable professional franchise! the other thing is people shouldn’t get ahead of themselves with relegation and 3 divisions, the quality/ finances aren’t there for more then a 10-12 team league - if Canadian players return home
  3. Soccer is popular in Newfoundland but it won’t be able to sustain a professional team based on a number of factors. Theres a number of issues with past hockey teams but the overlying issue is St. John’s sports and entertainments incompetence in running the building and the bussiness
  4. I think danto played with the WSA group. Id imagine that they will act as a reserve team to get some bench players some more playing time.
  5. I think that the league will cautiously expand to stable markets with all the requirement of a good club that can grow with a current 7 team league I would venture to guess there will be 2 east teams added and one west team surrey is a logical destination as is quebeceac city and laval I would say Regina and another team in GTA/ Ottawa would be next ii
  6. It’s different being a development coach and a club coach national youth teams exist to develop players not win tournaments
  7. I think Johnson’s past behaviours hurt him. And canada has younger options in the in the Cm that need opporitunity.
  8. Tomoris biggest issue is getting regular top flight minutes. Judging on Chelsea’s use of the loan system he won’t get that unless he moves to another club
  9. I suspect Moncton will have a team in the near future as they have the stadium already in place. And they would serve NB and PEI. Local player availability has no basis on pro teams roster makeup as they can sign players from wherever. Cpl might look to sign a local or two for marketing purposes but there not going to sign a local over someone whose going to make the team better. Nova Scotia is improving in all areas of athletics because they invest money into sport infrastructure, coaching etc. The rtc programs especially from Atlantic Canada haven’t really produced any significant results. Theres no players in Newfoundland who are going to make pro. Unless they get out of the province and play elsewhere.
  10. I think this guy is making up his back ground
  11. top cheese

    St. John's CPL

    The bball team is supported by the basketball community it will fade out over time will be intresting when Carl retires echl averages maybe 2500-3000 a night a lot of free tickets Newfoundland doesn’t support sports
  12. top cheese

    St. John's CPL

    Newfoundland won’t have a pro player unless they get out of Newfoundland early like everyone else whose made it in other sports
  13. Wasn’t an impact in the wysa u17 league last season.
  14. https://www.90min.com/posts/6275858-leicester-city-give-former-west-ham-goalkeeper-chituru-odunze-two-week-trial/partners/41965
  15. I’d imagine there are a lot of SA and CONCACAf players who are willing to take a pay cut to play in Canada and potentially have a means to have a better standard of living for their family
  16. It would make sense to have a team partner with the riders and play out of the same stadium
  17. I am a Newfoundlander, I think I would know the difference. there aren't any events for people to travel for. last time I checked Newfoundland isn't the greatest business center at the moment. I highly doubt it would get the attendance, corporate sponsorship, etc to compete in a tier 1. I dont believe the CSA will have a tier 2 for a number of years if its viable which I do not believe it will. Newfoundlanders are not starved of pro sports - pro hockey usually starts well then flickers off. ECHL currently has to give away a large portion of tickets to get to 3000 people a game.
  18. People dont regularly travel half way across the island 6 hours for events. Let alone sporting events. Last research that was released said the population is continuing to decline and by 2030 half the province will be over 60. St. Johns area doesn't have a population to support this league
  19. st johns wouldn't be a tier II location - theres probably 120,000 people in the area. and wouldn't compete finniacially. I think your overextending the reach of the soccer structure in Canada. If we have a solid tier 1 league we would be in good shape
  20. I think one of the things to consider is over extending the player pool such that it diminishes the product. I also feel that you have to be careful of the communities you place teams in from a business standpoint. I'm pretty sure that the size of some of these clubs will grow pretty quick in attendance figures. A league of ...... West - Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, East - Halifax, Hamilton, York, Laval, Ottawa , Quebec City Would suffice
  21. What about Tecle? Stfx winger
  22. id say a lot of teams have the majority of their players signed at this point. Winnipeg will probably have sacremento and fargo. I wonder about bustos, musse, danto ?
  23. surprised Cory Bent never went
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