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  1. top cheese

    St. John's CPL

    The bball team is supported by the basketball community it will fade out over time will be intresting when Carl retires echl averages maybe 2500-3000 a night a lot of free tickets Newfoundland doesn’t support sports
  2. top cheese

    St. John's CPL

    Newfoundland won’t have a pro player unless they get out of Newfoundland early like everyone else whose made it in other sports
  3. Wasn’t an impact in the wysa u17 league last season.
  4. https://www.90min.com/posts/6275858-leicester-city-give-former-west-ham-goalkeeper-chituru-odunze-two-week-trial/partners/41965
  5. I’d imagine there are a lot of SA and CONCACAf players who are willing to take a pay cut to play in Canada and potentially have a means to have a better standard of living for their family
  6. It would make sense to have a team partner with the riders and play out of the same stadium
  7. I am a Newfoundlander, I think I would know the difference. there aren't any events for people to travel for. last time I checked Newfoundland isn't the greatest business center at the moment. I highly doubt it would get the attendance, corporate sponsorship, etc to compete in a tier 1. I dont believe the CSA will have a tier 2 for a number of years if its viable which I do not believe it will. Newfoundlanders are not starved of pro sports - pro hockey usually starts well then flickers off. ECHL currently has to give away a large portion of tickets to get to 3000 people a game.
  8. People dont regularly travel half way across the island 6 hours for events. Let alone sporting events. Last research that was released said the population is continuing to decline and by 2030 half the province will be over 60. St. Johns area doesn't have a population to support this league
  9. st johns wouldn't be a tier II location - theres probably 120,000 people in the area. and wouldn't compete finniacially. I think your overextending the reach of the soccer structure in Canada. If we have a solid tier 1 league we would be in good shape
  10. I think one of the things to consider is over extending the player pool such that it diminishes the product. I also feel that you have to be careful of the communities you place teams in from a business standpoint. I'm pretty sure that the size of some of these clubs will grow pretty quick in attendance figures. A league of ...... West - Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, East - Halifax, Hamilton, York, Laval, Ottawa , Quebec City Would suffice
  11. What about Tecle? Stfx winger
  12. id say a lot of teams have the majority of their players signed at this point. Winnipeg will probably have sacremento and fargo. I wonder about bustos, musse, danto ?
  13. surprised Cory Bent never went
  14. Its as good or better then most MLS teams.....I'm pretty sure Winnipeg could have a team in MLS and do quite well
  15. Despite the commitment of Davies and Talba, I think it is imperative for the CMNT to secure Tomori to continue to grow. Even if they have all this exciting young talent the teams potential is going no where with out Two class CB who can defend and get the ball into the attacking players. I personally think that we have a good chance to secure Tomori. If his goal is to play in a world cup, the likely hood of securing a spot with England during Southgate's lead is highly unlikely. Stones, MacGuire, Gomez, walker, with all likely be around for another two tournaments. Plus you have guys like Micheal Keane, Tartowski in the wings as well. Does a competitive u21 match tie him?
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