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  1. Kristian Lee Him formerly playing with MNK Izola in the Slovenia 3rd tier is now with Heeslinger SC in the Germany 5th tier..
  2. Slovenia 3rd Kristian Lee-Him scored in his side 3-1 loss to Adria Miren
  3. Slovenia 3rd Div In a 2-0 win- Kristian Lee-Him played 90 min for MNK Izola
  4. Kristian Lee-Him is back with MNK Izola in the Slovenia 3rd Div. they are 2-1-0 (he started all 3 for 90 min ) http://www.mnkizola.si/Pages/BetterNews/Povratnik_v_ekipo_je_Kanadčan_Kristian_Lee-Him.php
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