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  1. Nope. Sigthorsson is off the table.
  2. Both Khemiri and Godoy have been confirmed in their respective countries, just waiting for the Whitecaps to do a release.
  3. It was being discussed as a possible swap, but after they hit an impasse with Cordova, the Blondell deal got done in isolation.
  4. I’ve been talking to someone sitting at the negotiation table. The Whitecaps want Cordova to come in on trial before they agree to the deal, and both Huachipato and Cordova’s camp think it’s a ridiculous request. If the Caps don’t pull it off the table then no deal is going to happen.
  5. The whitecaps are making certain demands that could put the transfer in jeopardy
  6. Not done yet. Doesn’t look good of them getting it over the line.
  7. Waston leaving the Whitecaps http://www.yashinquesada.com/web/index.php/legionarios/640-kendall-waston-esta-a-punto-de-dejar-el-vancouver-whitecaps
  8. Haber moves to the Fury on a free transfer. Ottawa’s going to be stacked for next year’s Canadian Premier League launch.
  9. Subbed-in in the 74’, and scored a brace to win it for FCD at the death.
  10. I’m not sure about his preference, but he plays centrally on occasion for Burnley and pretty much exclusively for the national team.
  11. $1.7m is around what the Caps were paying Montero last year.
  12. This has him making close to $1.7m. http://www.spotrac.com/epl/burnley-f.c/payroll/
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