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    Rintaran reacted to Copes in CPL General   
    Yeah, but that's something the MLS teams should take up with the USSF. It's also something that Canada Soccer should advocate for on their behalf. I don't think the fact that Canadian teams playing in American league don't have rules they're happy with means that Canadian teams in a Canadian league should bend-over backwards to help them out. 

    One for Canadian Championship, which really is the MLS team's spot to lose. One for CPL. That's what I hope to see in 2020.
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    Rintaran reacted to Watchmen in Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread   
    With the schedule, the salary cap details, and the tv deal.
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    Rintaran reacted to Kent in CPL General   
    My latest possible time for us to get a second spot in CONCACAF would be in the 2022 CONCACAF League. After the 2021 CONCACAF League that competition will have played 5 years, which is how far back they take results into consideration for the CONCACAF Club Index. That means all the slots in CCL and CL will have a full complement of results by that time (with the exception of things like Guatemalan teams, but they don't have those results because of their own doing, rather than just a lack of time).
    So once everybody has their full 5 years of results, we can fairly say who is the worst and can be relegated out of continental competition. Then bring in a new slot for the country with the highest average CONCACAF Club Index that isn't at the maximum of 4 slots. Oh hey look, that's Canada, so Canada gets spot number 2 with a Club Index of 0 to start out. That brings Canada's average of about 90 down to about 45 and potentially some other country has a higher average Club Index for next year. So that other country could promote another spot into CONCACAF play, etc. Promoted slots can't be relegated until they have been in CONCACAF play for 5 years, and thus have a mature Club Index. Also, the last spot for a country can't be relegated I suppose (because I don't know how they could earn their way back in). We can also do promotion and relegation between CCL and CL with the Club Index.
    It all makes so much sense, they have to do it. If they don't do it by 2022 CL, I riot.
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    Rintaran reacted to Macksam in HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread   
    BBTB stressing the soccer needs to be really good angle again?
    He is missing the point time and time again. This is about supporter's culture and giving people a local club to call their own. This is about watching local kids fulfill their dreams and play professionally. The soccer needs to serve a purpose for people to come out in the pouring rain. Yes, the quality does matter but if that was the main factor to come and watch, which it won't be, people would just sit at home and watch the EPL. If the quality of soccer was as important as he's making it out to be, TFC would have died after that first home game against the Kansas City Wizards.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from ted in CPL new teams speculation   
    That's all very well and good, but if you're going for a true coast-to-coast derby, you should travel by ship through the NW Passage. Clearly, it's the only way that makes sense. 
    Be sure to raid Halifax while you're there, just to stick it to the Privateers.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from ddoouugg in CPL new teams speculation   
    That's all very well and good, but if you're going for a true coast-to-coast derby, you should travel by ship through the NW Passage. Clearly, it's the only way that makes sense. 
    Be sure to raid Halifax while you're there, just to stick it to the Privateers.
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    Rintaran reacted to Ansem in League 1 Ontario 2019   
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    Rintaran reacted to dyslexic nam in CPL new teams speculation   
    Nailed it.  Your burlap jersey will arrive shortly.  It is itchy but durable.
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    Rintaran reacted to Bison44 in CPL new teams speculation   
    Is there any way you could spend saturday night in Sudbury on the way?
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    Rintaran reacted to dyslexic nam in Ottawa CPL Club   
    More Spurs fans here than I would have expected.
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    Rintaran reacted to rob.notenboom in CPL General   
    That’s very Canadian of you ... also pretty funny. 😁👍
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    Rintaran reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    Macron just rebranded themselves and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that it happened right before the kit reveals. I have a feeling this partnership is going to be huge.
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    Rintaran reacted to ted in HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread   
    LOL, can I copy and paste this into the PFC thread! We are in the same boat (different ocean).
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    Rintaran reacted to dyslexic nam in Ottawa CPL Club   
    The pro basketball leagues in this country are extremely low on the pro sports scale, and are quite regional.  I suspect at this point, Basketball Canada is just happy to have some sort of pro league presence in the country and have little interest in forcing a merger.  There is also no FIFA-like organization that imposes consistent rules among basketball leagues into an organized, tiered structure as is done in footy.  In short, the case of the Fury playing in a US league has very little in common with the small pro basketball leagues fighting for survival here in Canada.
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    Rintaran reacted to ESG Shawn in FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread   
    Playing around with the Virtual Venue gives you really nice dynamic renders of the new Clarke Stadium. 
    Super pumped.
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    Rintaran reacted to IceCreamMan in Cavalry FC launch/2019 off season thread   
    Did everyone get the Season Ticket brochure sent out today. Nicely presented I thought and priced reasonably. I assume Supporters Section is the place I want to be?
    2019 SeaonTicketing.pdf
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    Rintaran reacted to juicy sushi in CPL General   
    I really hope they do this, as taking advantage of these things when other countries and associations are still sometimes resisting would be a good way to make up ground quickly and develop better talent. 
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    Rintaran reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    I guess the kits will be released next week or tomorrow?
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    Rintaran reacted to Ansem in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Miami (Thursday, December 13, 2019) - Concacaf typically does not comment publicly on sanctioning matters, but due to the lack of clarity regarding the state of the process and the unilateral statements from various parties in regard to the Ottawa Fury Football Club (Ottawa Fury) participating in the 2019 season of the United Soccer League (USL), we would like to clarify the following:
    Under international sanctioning rules, clubs that are affiliated to an Association may only join competitions in another Association’s territory under exceptional circumstances. For the sanctioning of such play in our region, approval must be given by Concacaf and FIFA; 
       Concacaf to date has not received a formal request from any party to consider sanctioning the participation of the Ottawa Fury in the 2019 season of the USL, despite public announcements by Ottawa Fury that it would be doing so;
       In the fall of 2018, after unilateral public statements made by Ottawa Fury and before any sanctioning application was made to any governing body, Concacaf clearly advised the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) of its concerns regarding this matter. A further written correspondence to the CSA followed in November, providing guidance on our view that as it stands to date, we do not see exceptional circumstances, given the launch of the Canadian Premier League (CPL) for the 2019 season.  As the governing body for international football in North, Central America and the Caribbean, we are committed to govern on behalf of all of our 41 Associations and key stakeholders. 
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    Rintaran reacted to dyslexic nam in Ottawa CPL Club   
    It would be extremely one-sided to overlook the Fury's role in the lack of "compromise and consensus building ".
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    Rintaran reacted to Complete Homer in Ottawa CPL Club   
    While one part of me finds this hilarious, the other part of me is worried the Fury might fold over this. People rich enough to own sports teams don't like to be dictated to, the only way Goudie was going to switch was on his own terms
    Whatever you think about the Fury for skipping out on CPL, they would be a loss to Canadian soccer
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    Rintaran reacted to Kent in CPL General   
    I think all this speculation about what type of internationals will be signed is a product of being trained by MLS to think of each roster spot as having specific rules that a player must match this, this, this, and this in order to be signed. I think the international spots will be used by CPL teams to sign international players, and that their age, experience, position on the field, leadership qualities, etc, will vary from player to player.
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    Rintaran reacted to Kent in CPL League Future Format and Table Structure   
    In my opinion it would make 0 sense for the CPL to be awarded it's own spot directly into the CCL right off the bat. Apologies for the broken record I've become on the topic, but I'd like to see a CONCACAF League spot if not in year 1, soon after. Then I want to see a mechanism using the CONCACAF Club Index that allows for spots to promote and relegate between CONCACAF League and CONCACAF Champions League (and for new spots to be berthed into CONCACAF League). That way CPL can find its appropriate level in continental competitions.
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    Rintaran reacted to socceronly in Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?   
    No deal.  That means you get to talk like this forever. 
    You are welcome to talk soccer here, but not crusade against MLS or US Soccer. 
    You have to stop this, and I mean now. 
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    Rintaran reacted to ted in CPL TV Contract   
    When showing us renderings of the stadium at a meet the owners night they talked about the cameras being  mounted on the hydro pole side facing the full stands. They are well aware that they need to make the stadium look as good and as full as possible on TV.
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