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    Rintaran reacted to dsqpr in Ottawa CPL Club   
    On a more important note, it will be up to Valour or HFX to carry the CPL flag into battle against the Ottawa Fury in the Voyageurs Cup (unless of course Vaughan perform some spectacular giant killing). July 10 (H) / 24 (A).
    THAT is what I am interested in. Bring it ON!!
    Going down going down going down,
    Going down going down going dooooooown!
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    Rintaran reacted to matty in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I don't wanna say absolutely but they probably will. Unless the circumstance is related to getting bankrupted (which that could be what they argue) there's no real finance thing anymore.
    It's important to note, it was reported the USL clubs weren't big on international travel.
    I think it's likely we don't see Fury join next year but we do see them give a timeline (like we join in 2022) and everyone is fine with that timeline.
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    Rintaran reacted to ted in Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread   
    Hey fellow PFC fans, wanna come watch our latest signing, Marcel de Jong, play for Canada March 24th?

    If you are travelling from the Island we have bus packages that pick up and return from Downtown Victoria or Tsawwassen Terminal (you can walk on from Schwartz Bay or Duke Point).

    Details:  Lake Side Buoys.Org
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    Rintaran got a reaction from Kent in Full CONCACAF Club Index   
    I don't really have much clarity to offer here, but from what I've seen elsewhere (incl. Wikipedia), I don't think you can really combine the tables like this. From what I've seen, the CCL only takes the ranking points from CCL play, whereas CL adds the points from both competitions together to determine the ranking (prior to this year's shakeup).
    The points do break down a little bit in regards to which teams were pushed into the CL preliminary round, but I think they have another req that they built into it (this year at least). SLV2 was dropped down to the preliminary round, despite having more points than NCA1.
    I think, moving forward, you may wish to "split" the table, adding in SCL2 - SCL6 with the CCL. I think these spots (and SCL1) will "maintain" their points, even as the individual year's points are transferred to the appropriate CL slot for their rankings. These slots don't exist in 2019, so they'd start at 0 for the 2020 CCL.
    Personally, I find this table very valuable. It's unfortunate they didn't stick to it when expanding the CL.
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    Rintaran reacted to lazlo_80 in CPL TV Contract   
    Didn’t hear the presser but this article is an interesting read and has all sorts of details.  Sounds like they also get rights to league 1 Ontario games too. 
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    Rintaran reacted to shamrock in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Of course they can always rely on their academy. 
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    Rintaran reacted to Cheeta in Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread   
    Yeah, have to say when I think of Victoria nautical images don't exactly leap to mind.  Not at all.  Halifax?  Whole different story.  Maybe the peoples in the Victoria region view things differently.  Don't know.  But I'd stick to growing things.  Rain forests and flower gardens, that's the 1st thing I'd say I think of if you'd ask me what's the 1st thing I think of if you mentioned Victoria.  The city on Vancouver Island, not any person. 
    That and Old People.  Lots of pensioners.  Hey, if the teams are putting mascots out there maybe they could get some coin together and buy a license to have Statler & Waldorf as the touchline entertainment.  That would be fun but I don't think Disney licenses come cheap.
    Of course those are just the opinions that developed from my little urban island out on the edge of the Flatlands.  As you were.  
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    Rintaran reacted to PhillyJawn-guy in [Unpopular Opinion] TFC would be much better if they joined CPL   
    Having reviewed the horrific results of TFC's 1st CCL match I have to say that it's all MLS's fault with its oppressive squad and budget rules and controlling everything with a heavy hand that cause such a dramatic turnaround in just 1 season. It's MLS and its inane and bizarre fascination with bullshit "parity" that's ruining franchises with greater ambitions and letting lazy and cheap owners free-ride on others' work. WTFFF is that?? Does TFC (and Caps/Impact) really want to be part of this forced mediocrity and everything decided by the "league" like fucking Big Brother or would you rather see an independent club with its own character and culture? So, what I think (and probably you'll disagree) is TFC should SERIOUSLY consider leaving MLS and joining CPL, which is a real league that doesn't force anything on clubs and let CLUBS sign contracts and make decisions. Soccer is about clubs, not franchises, so if TFC still want fans, THEN BE A CLUB!
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    Rintaran reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Pacific FC's Westhills Stadium update from Feb 1 :
    "Simpson said the seating components for the 6,000-seat Westhills Stadium expansion are being shipped from Germany and that the stadium will be ready for game action before April 28.
    “They will piece together like Lego,” said Simpson, who came out of Juan de Fuca to play pro soccer in Europe and earn 43 caps for Canada.
    “We will be game-day ready for soccer. But the polish and beautification of the area around the stadium [which is planned to include several fan plazas] will probably not be completed until May or June.”"
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    Rintaran reacted to SthMelbRed in Cavalry FC launch/2019 off season thread   
    I nominate this as the most ironic, least self-aware statement ever posted on the Vs' board in the more than a decade I've been here.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from Gopherbashi in CPL Season Schedule   
    Something that seemed to go under the radar yesterday.

    This means each of these clubs will meet each other twice within prior to July 2019.
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    Rintaran reacted to BenFisk'sBiggestFan in Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread   
    Sounds like Marcel is going to Pacific!
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    Rintaran reacted to matty in CPL General   
    OMG a fan created rivalry cup between 4 teams! This is what the league needs, organic fan creations. Can we call it the Latecomers Cup? or the Fashionably Late Cup?
    I will pay money to have this cup made if we can get local fans and the club behind this idea lol
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    Rintaran reacted to SkuseisLoose in CPL General   
    In the midst of my shortsighted anger I propose we create a Cascadia Cup like tournament for the four "not as good" CPL teams.
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    Rintaran reacted to socceronly in CPL General   
    Reasonableness and tolerance are considered signs of suspicious behavior.
    Cease and desist and react hysterically to all things please.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from Kent in Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League   
    I'm a little disappointed they didn't choose to knock USA4 and MEX4 into the CL, and then give the top-8 a CCL spot.
    This would have basically setup pot 2 as all the teams qualifying out of CL. Although those 2 clubs would likely be at/near the top and still qualify every year, it would provide some stronger competition in the big mix. It would also have made it possible for some major upsets if USA4 were kept below the top-8 by a Costa Rica or Honduras. Would be a little more variety for CCL in the end.
    Still, I generally like how they remapped this competition, although I do have some questions.
    Will the preliminary round be a "permanent" fixture?
    Will the same "spots" (ie CAN2) always be a part of the preliminary round, or will that be remapped to those who didn't advance beyond round of 16?
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    Rintaran got a reaction from Senorpopps in Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League   
    I'm a little disappointed they didn't choose to knock USA4 and MEX4 into the CL, and then give the top-8 a CCL spot.
    This would have basically setup pot 2 as all the teams qualifying out of CL. Although those 2 clubs would likely be at/near the top and still qualify every year, it would provide some stronger competition in the big mix. It would also have made it possible for some major upsets if USA4 were kept below the top-8 by a Costa Rica or Honduras. Would be a little more variety for CCL in the end.
    Still, I generally like how they remapped this competition, although I do have some questions.
    Will the preliminary round be a "permanent" fixture?
    Will the same "spots" (ie CAN2) always be a part of the preliminary round, or will that be remapped to those who didn't advance beyond round of 16?
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    Rintaran reacted to rob.notenboom in York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread   
    Let me add just a couple of things. I’m trying to choose my words well here as I find the particularity a bit hard to explain. 
    1) The people who I’m referring to who are not coming here, were here but have left, or have greatly reduced their interest and contribution are all on other social media sites and often multiple other sites. The ones I know personally number literally in the dozens and others that I’m aware of but don’t really know double or triple that number (that wasn’t the part where I needed to choose my words carefully btw 🤣).
    2) There is a subtle but important difference between other social media spaces and here. Elsewhere a lot of the ‘abuse’ is just stupid ... people who don’t know anything bashing you. It makes it easier to dismiss. But often the criticism here is by people who purport to ‘know’ certain things that clearly they don’t. The issue with this is that it’s particularly exhausting to try and steer a conversation the right way when a critic is so committed to their point in the absence of any real information and while you yourself are actually in possession of said information. And this isn’t an arrogance, it’s just a fact ... many people were ‘in the know’ due to their contact with owners, league officials, journalists, local coaches and the like. 
    So a vague hypothetical ... Imagine this is 18 months ago. You happen to know that a certain community is going to have a team. They’ve lined up a very financially secure owner, have some potential technical staff already, and have a stadium solution that has a couple hurdles but that looks promising. A news article comes out that is vague but suggests things might be in motion in your community. You suggest on the board that this is a good sign, but you’re also bound by your relationships and your agreement to keep the info to yourself for the time being. So you can’t come right out and say ‘This is happening, these people are involved, and it will happen in this way.’ The response from most forum commenters to the article and to your comment is ‘That’s exciting ... perhaps there is going to be further good news.’ The reaction from certain individuals is first a purposefully negative reaction taking the necessary vagueness of the article in the worst way, escalating to potential conspiracy theories, and when you try and suggest other things more in line with the reality of the situation, next you get implications that you are just ignorant of reality, stupid, have rose coloured glasses on, that you’re too young to really understand the history of Canadian soccer so really don’t get it, and perhaps you are also a rabid nationalist and this is colouring your view. All this without any hint of a question such as ‘Do you know something more of the situation?’ The underlying assumption in the negative response is ‘I know. You do not. And whatever you say is worthless to me.’ In the meantime the opposite is actually true. 
    I’ve watched this scenario play out over and over and over on this board. I’m starting to feel similarly about it as I felt to the whole Rob Ford era ... first things angered me, then I started to think it was hilarious, and finally it was so sad and pathetic I actually pitied him ... similarly here. 
    3) Yes sorry. There’s a third point ... I’m going on and on ... 
    Many of the people who are no longer here etc etc are committed to doing whatever they can to help the league regardless of whether it ultimately fails or succeeds. They realize that this is an historic chance to make a contribution and that it may never come again in their lifetimes. So they’d rather spend their energy figuring out what best to do and doing it. So discussion that revolves around these kinds of critiques with that purpose in mind (to support the league and try to contribute to its success) and that might produce actionable conclusions are really important. Apologies, but those discussions are fairly rare here. More often they revolve around who is trying to show that they’re more right, and this goes on both with those who are overly critical and overly uncritical. Simply put, there is lack of that kind of purpose to the discussion.
    Apologies for the long post, but I thought it was worth saying. I’m honestly not sure what the best way forward is, but one suggestion I have had and have suggested before is to let the forum go on as is but with the understanding that there is a much greater community of Voyageurs and potential Voyageurs out there and to try to connect with them in other ways. 
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    Rintaran reacted to shermanator in York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread   
    I promised myself I wouldn't post on this board again once 2019 rolled around, because, well what's the point? But I figured I would log in and give myself as evidence to the fact that posters like BBTB are driving away good people from this board. Those of us who are trying to make the CPL, and the supporters scene, successful in CPL cities. I don't know whether I would consider myself a good poster; I happen to still have the highest number of "likes" despite rarely posting for the last 18 months, but that is not really the point here.
    It is famously said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is the case here. If you do not get rid of posters like BBTB, you will never get the discussion back to where it could be. 
    And to show what is going on in the real world, outside of this board, here's what myself and 5 other guys in Calgary have turned the supporters scene into in 4 years. We've gone from 6, to 62 (by my latest count), in the span of 4 years. All unabashed supporters of watching local players suit up to play in a Canadian league.

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    Rintaran reacted to socceronly in York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread   
    Well, yes and no. 
    I am in three FB chat groups that represent the leadership of most supporters groups across the country..   Not more than a day goes by without someone copying and pasting one of your posts going WTF? 

    These people represent thousands of supporters across the country. Many of those in new supporters groups.  None, save for one post here anymore, and they sure as shit won't send any of their newly minted supporters here either.  Why would they?
    I get why people of our generation are cynical.  I really do, I bet many of us could fill a stadium with horror stories of corruption, mismanagement ect...  but we need to stop living by it and being governed by it.  Good shit is happening, really good shit and we should embrace it.
    All of this needs to be fun.  It really does or there is no point in doing any of it. 
    CanPL on this site is not fun.
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    Rintaran reacted to ted in CPL General   
    I think the 'Caps just got caught asleep at the switch. We can call them the 'Naps.
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    Rintaran reacted to matty in CPL General   
    How to solve the CPL CCL spot
    Step 1. Turks and Caicos joins Canada
    Step 2. CPL gets a spot in that Caribbean Championship
    Step 3. CPL teams wins that
    Step 4. CPL team wins CONCACAF league
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    Rintaran reacted to BringBackTheBlizzard in CPL TV Contract   
    Can hear Winston Smith down at the Ministry of Truth going, "Duane Rollins now unperson stop, replace with Kurt Larson stop, we have always greatly admired Kurt Larson...".
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    Rintaran reacted to Keegan in Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread   
    He’s also born on July 1 - so he’s got that going for him... which is nice.
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    Rintaran reacted to ted in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I think you missed the point we are discussing.

    Thunder Bay would be in trouble because they have no "extraordinary circumstances" that justify playing in a foreign league. With L1O in the picture their exemption from CSA, CONCACAF, and FIFA could be denied.

    The other teams in the PDL have no Canadian league to play in so they still qualify for the exemption.
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