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  1. Thanks for the continued updates. I know all the fine folk over at the NSXI Network love seeing themselves included as journalists in the mod (as you've likely seen from the various excited social media posts). Keep up the great work!
  2. Rintaran

    CPL tickets

    Thank you for laying that all out. I'll have to keep it in mind if I manage the lengthy trip to some York & Forge matches.
  3. Rintaran

    CPL tickets

    The basics, actual positive/negative, or real science? For the basics, use cookies. They're attracted to cookies right? Magnets are attracted to metal the same way. Done! For positive/negative, use something you fill at one end, and empty at the other. Place it so the "fill" is at the top, and the "empty" is at the bottom. Magnets are only attracted in one direction, just like this <container> can only be filled from one side. When you try to put magnets together the wrong way, say too positives or two negatives, it'd be like trying to shove food/lego/etc back up from the bottom, you can force it, but generally it's just going to come right back out and separate. If you need real science, Magic School Bus it.
  4. Might not be a bad idea for them to enter discussions with Futsal. They run through the winter right? That could help fill the winter-gap.
  5. I really hope they don't open up subscription and have their first "trial run" on the 27th itself. Onesoccer.ca crashed the day after the kit announcement due to high traffic, I can only imagine what will happen launch day...
  6. Rintaran

    CPL General

    Nope. I mean Ferrari. They split from FIAT in 2015. VW's purchase hit my feed the other day: https://www.carmod.net/volkswagen-buys-out-ferrari
  7. Rintaran

    CPL General

    They also own Ferrari now too. Maybe a VW-made Ferrari will be the prize for year 2. lol
  8. Not so tiny. Once you get to about #40, you have a 1500-way tie between numerous independent coffee shops with 5-10 people (depending on the season).
  9. Rintaran

    CPL General

    Yes and no... I'd rather it was an independent L2O than an L1O Reserve. The restrictions require L1O Reserve squads to have an OPDL or L1O license. It also says that L1O Reserve squads will be mandatory for L1O teams. This will create some pretty nasty barriers to entry for places without either, like, say, Greater Sudbury. This move now means if someone with coin and ambition in Sudbury wanted to launch an L1O team (Dario Zulich), they now need to be prepared to launch 2-sides: L1O & L1O Reserve. That's probably a tall ask...
  10. They also obtained the rights to L1O (mens & womens), CanMNT and CanWNT... Alright, that's not much more, but it can get them more than just 3 matches a week if they use those rights (and take steps to improve recording/broadcasting of L1O matches). That said, $7.99 seems a fairly reasonable amount for such limited content. They'll likely charge more (if they go this route), but I'm not sure the value would be there for any additional cost.
  11. FYP = "Fixed your post"
  12. I think the previous Scarf Cup was 100% on Twitter. It'll be pretty far back on his feed.
  13. Scarf Cup - Matchday 5 https://www.northernstartingeleven.com/scarf-cup-matchday-5/ Beat you to it Rob
  14. Ummm... Your info is not correct. There is now a Men's and Women's Division. (* denotes new this year) Mens: Penticton SC Kamloops TRU Okanagan FC * Victoria Highlanders FC Reserves Mid Isle Mariners FC Surrey United FC * Vancouver Tigers * Khalsa Sporting Club Womens: Penticton SC * Kamloops TRU * Mid Isle FC * New Westminster FC * North Shore Girls SC * TSS Academy * They had previously claimed the men's division would increase to 10 teams this year, apparently didn't happen.
  15. Be sure to tell him not to rush his recovery. We'd rather he come back long-term and healthy, than early and take the chance of undoing all the healing.
  16. Sort of. Victoria Highlanders and TSS FC Rovers have their top-level in PDL. Highlanders have had their reserves in PCSL for a couple years, marking a clear line of progression. Agreed, it is definitely a step down from League1 (which itself is still a step-down from PDL-quality). They've (PCSL... actually, both... L1O has been closing the gap with PDL too, so, yeah.) been moving in the right direction, with stronger squads and increased stability over the past couple of seasons, but there's a lot of work to do. If the league was turned over to a wealthy and savvy group, they could make the push to move it up, but I don't see that happening in the near future. This year the PCSL is also restarting their Women's Division, which will host what amounts to TSS FC's reserve women's team (their top team is in WPSL). We'll have to watch, but if decent standards are in place, the potential exists for this to become the women's equivalent to the women's L1O & PLSQ.
  17. Sounds like a good move. With the improvements we've started seeing to the Pacific Coast Soccer League, a purchase & push there could move it toward "League1 BC" Victoria Highlanders (PDL) now have teams playing in VISL (both a div-1 partner and a branded div-2), in addition to their PCSL reserve team. Almost seems like a natural partnership could be reached between Pacific and Highlanders.
  18. Whelp, Altanta really threw that out the window. If PAN1 wins, they would now be tied with USA1 (58). Yeah, they really should have just gone with the bottom-half of the table, porting all 8 of them over, including any Mexican and American teams. I really don't see why they should have 4 automatic top-level entries. Especially with how this year is playing out. Fine, keep the CCC champion since they already have to win over a pretty large field, but sacrificing these automatic berths seems pretty low, as much as I want to see us have a 2nd.
  19. Yup. I need more coffee apparently. Fixed it. Still important for all reasons stated.
  20. Just wanted to make note, although the table is not updated here at the moment, the results of the Sporting Kansas City vs Independiente 2nd leg, happening May March 14th, are hugely important. PAN1 is already above MEX4. Assuming Atlanta (USA1) loses their match tonight: A draw puts PAN1 at 56 points, above both USA1 & USA2. Additionally USA1 would have the same CCL points as USA2 (55). A victory pulls PAN1 to 58 points, just 2 points shy of USA4 (60).
  21. The season schedule is now available. Several changes to the format: Season runs May - August, 15-games each Two-legged Quarterfinals & Semifinals 1 Final Championship Match L1O Cup Competition eliminated Article on changes: https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1003860 Schedule: https://www.league1ontario.com/page/show/2309116-schedule-results
  22. And with a 1-1 draw last night, TFC are out of the 2019 Champions League. I'm so glad they get to rest all the way to the Canadian Championship semi-finals because of their long and exhausting battle in the Champions League. It would be completely unfair to have them compete in the Canadian Championship while they're fighting it out in Champions League... /s I guess we can lock this thread now eh? Nothing to see here.
  23. I agree with that assessment, although I hope Wirth gives Village a fight for the #1 spot over the course of the season.
  24. In your bottom example, SCL3 would receive credit for the CCL rankings (to determine that spots seeding in CCL), but CRC1 would also receive credit as part of their CL Rankings taking the points earned in both 2018 CL and 2019 CCL as a single-year's points. That would give CRC1 the appropriate seeding for CL, and help create the necessary hierarchy for this table. I actually agree that a solid points system should be used for determining spots. That's one of the reasons why I think they should actually have cut all of Pot B from CCL and put them into CL and letting the full 8-spot float to top 8 in CL. Then, moving forward, it could always be whomever pointed-up to Pot A based on CCL points gets to skip the CL. If you look in the "history" for the 2019 CL article on Wikipedia, someone did put together an extended table. It was removed because of the issue with SLV2 & NCA1, but I would not be surprised if it resurfaces at some point down the line. BLZ1 was the only "1" team that didn't get a bye past the preliminary round, so it there may be something there. I use this same table (or one very similar) for determining my "temporary" elo for CCL and CL teams in my calculation for NSXI. Given the new year-round soccer format we'll be seeing though, I may have to make those elo-rankings sticky to the national slots for the non-CAN/USA sides.
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