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  1. I had my first CWNT cap this past summer in Hamilton. Hopefully I'll be able to add CMNT next summer.
  2. Heh. I wish you had more larger orders like that. Would probably have made having the store a little more beneficial. I think H only matters if your reorder point is a heck of a lot higher than then 6 or 8 scarves we may be talking about for a re-order point. That said, by having a weighted amount recalculated quarterly, the ROP is going to adjust automatically as a few quarters with 0 will greatly drive down that ROP, especially with the most recent quarters having a heavier weight. I was trying to keep the calculation simple, since the actual amount being ordered from the manufactu
  3. I've experience with materials and operations management, so I can help with determining your reorder point (ROP). On the new scarf order, this can be figured out using supply calculations. First, you'll want to know what kind of lead time is required between putting in an order, and receiving the order. Next, calculate the number of scarves you would sell in that period of time. I personally like to build in a 10% buffer on top of that number, in case there's a sudden run. Looking at the 500 scarves sold over a 6-year period, that puts you at an average of 1.6 scarves sold per week.
  4. Well, I'm glad I got my order in when I did then. Would have been a parcel regardless given its size. Thank you for getting it out to me so quickly! I look forward to the kit options down the road.
  5. I often dish out a little extra in order to get a quality product that benefits local suppliers first. I do this all the time for produce, meat, and other groceries. With clothing, there often aren't any reasonably priced alternatives, so a $5 or even $10 difference is very reasonable. I say do it! Also, share the name of the manufacturer so we can redirect other Canadian teams/groups/etc to make a similar switch. In the long run, this will drive the price lower and improve the Canadian economy.
  6. Awesome. I look forward to the highlights/interviews. Yeah, Kasey isn't exactly the most reliable for communication. I still haven't received a reply from him about whether I can come back and write my articles (I just went ahead and did it anyways, with him retweeting info about the posts, so I assume I'm good). From our conversations when NSXI was getting started, there were some pretty high hopes for what the site could become, but he seemed to have a hard time getting people together to write reports, reviews, analysis, etc. What sort of article were you hoping to write? Did yo
  7. If its streamed, I'll be happy to watch the Highlanders shock the Foothills. The team playing now is nothing like the team that Calgary decimated during our home opener. Will you be doing an article on the matches (hopefully with photos)?
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Shawn Gray, a correspondent for Northern Starting Eleven ( http://northernstartingeleven.com ) who writes articles primarily on the Victoria Highlanders (PDL) or with statistical ELO rankings (as flawed as they are in a system where leagues don't play each other). Although I currently reside in Victoria, BC, I first fell in love with soccer when I was at college in Ottawa. I worked as an usher at Carleton University during the Fury's first Spring Season and was one of the team leads on the Club Level at TD Place. I loved watching, working, and talking about the matche
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