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  1. Rintaran

    CPL new teams speculation

    They do: https://fr.canpl.ca/ . It's hidden under the "More" submenu. Sadly, few articles are translated to French and there is no original content (yet). That's the whole issue currently being discussed, although it should probably be in its own thread.
  2. Rintaran

    Will the CPL have VAR? Should it?

    I don't think they've officially announced it yet. Considering how VAR has been consistently rolling out, I would be more surprised if they didn't opt to have VAR. As we would be the first (only?) league to have VAR in place during the league's first season, it would be much easier to implement and I think calls would be more consistent than we may see elsewhere. I'm mixed on VAR, but definitely not surprised at its adoption.
  3. Rintaran

    CPL Season Schedule

    The top-three round robin was my thought as well. I've also seen suggested the addition of a separate league cup, which we already see with L1O & PLSQ. I think this would make the schedule a little congested, but it could work. Beyond that, it's a bit of a head scratch.
  4. Rintaran

    CPL Season Schedule

    That wouldn't be different in North America. Mexico is part of North America, and in recent memory, the NASL also used Apertura and Clausura.
  5. Rintaran

    CPL Season Schedule

    7-10 Days folks! I wonder what the "something different" is.
  6. Rintaran

    League 1 Ontario 2019

    The return of Durham is great. Should fill in for the departed TFC III quite well. I wonder if we'll see any other groups added this year.
  7. Rintaran

    CPL new teams speculation

    That's all very well and good, but if you're going for a true coast-to-coast derby, you should travel by ship through the NW Passage. Clearly, it's the only way that makes sense. Be sure to raid Halifax while you're there, just to stick it to the Privateers.
  8. Rintaran

    CPL - WORLD CUP 2026

    You know the V's website is not BC Soccer right? If you want to "help" them, contact them and stop harassing us.
  9. Rintaran

    CPL General

    PLSQ has announced they will be adding CS Monteiul. No word on any teams dropping (yet), or if other teams will be added. With what has been announced and current teams, that puts the league at 9 teams.
  10. Rintaran

    CPL General

    Yes, but the price of PLSQ (and any potential jump-start leagues) just jumped a little now that part of CPL's development strategy has been revealed. Good thing they went after the big fish first.
  11. Rintaran

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    Simcoe Day is what they call the Civic Holiday in Toronto (and only Toronto). It is also known as: "Colonel By Day" in Ottawa "George Hamilton Day" in Hamilton "Joseph Brant Day" in Burlington "Founders' Day" in Brantford "Donald Bayus Day" in Oshawa "Alexander Mackenzie Day" in Sarnia "James Cockburn Day" in Cobourg "Peter Robinson Day" in Peterborough "John Galt Day" in Guelph "Civic Holiday" everywhere else in the province. Also, random fact, in Northern Ontario we don't know of Victoria Day. It's generally referred to as May Run or May 2-4, because that's when we grab a 24 and run out to camp. To build on this thread, I would love to see some double-headers over holiday weekends, and a double-switch probably isn't as unlikely as we may think, especially toward the start of the season. We'll just have to wait and see. As for a regular weekend, with only the one day off in between matches, that's doable, but certainly not optimal.
  12. Rintaran

    Football Manager 19 - Canadian Megapatch

    Awesome. Thanks.
  13. Rintaran

    Football Manager 19 - Canadian Megapatch

    Nice. Will you be adding CS Monteuil to PLSQ? The team was confirmed for the 2019 season a while ago: http://plsq.ca/actualites/le-cs-monteuil-se-joindra-a-la-pslq-masculine-en-2019 No updates since mind you, but that isn't unusual for PLSQ.
  14. Rintaran

    CPL General

    Tough break for Pacific FC. I see both Pacific FC and York 9 FC as being the two clubs most likely to keep on U-Sports players. Being middle of the pack isn't too bad for York, but pulling 2nd last is going to limit Pacific's choices. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.