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  1. Rintaran

    Goderich CPL

    Are cookies pastry? I always kinda kept them in their own category...
  2. Rintaran

    Local affiliates?

    Heh. I wish you had more larger orders like that. Would probably have made having the store a little more beneficial. I think H only matters if your reorder point is a heck of a lot higher than then 6 or 8 scarves we may be talking about for a re-order point. That said, by having a weighted amount recalculated quarterly, the ROP is going to adjust automatically as a few quarters with 0 will greatly drive down that ROP, especially with the most recent quarters having a heavier weight. I was trying to keep the calculation simple, since the actual amount being ordered from the manufacturer is relatively small from a purchase-order perspective. There's whole programs in college & university dedicated to purchasing, warehousing and inventory management, but most of the theory only applies at larger quantities, bulk-purchase-discounts, warehousing costs, delivery costs, and just-in-time stock replenishment. It's amazing how complicated it can be, and how many different certifications can be pursued by those seeking management positions in the supply chain industry. It is very difficult to choose to take on the monetary liability that comes with choosing to order and stock merchandise. I've a handful of things for NSXI that I obtained for relatively high-cost, and even on resale I technically lose money on. Nothing in your order of magnitude of course, but I understand the pain. Because it doesn't get said enough, thank you @socceronly for all that you do.
  3. Rintaran

    Local affiliates?

    I've experience with materials and operations management, so I can help with determining your reorder point (ROP). On the new scarf order, this can be figured out using supply calculations. First, you'll want to know what kind of lead time is required between putting in an order, and receiving the order. Next, calculate the number of scarves you would sell in that period of time. I personally like to build in a 10% buffer on top of that number, in case there's a sudden run. Looking at the 500 scarves sold over a 6-year period, that puts you at an average of 1.6 scarves sold per week. Let's round that to 2. If it takes 3-weeks for your scarf order to arrive from the time you put it in, there isn't much point of putting in another $6k order until you're down to 7 scarves (rounding up the 10% rush-buffer). This number seems pretty low, but given the time frame and quantity sold, any more than that is just costing you storage space. I'd probably push it up to 20 or 30 scarves as your re-order point if there's a national team match or booth event coming up where you expect to sell in excess of your reserve. It'll be important to re-assess your reserve to adjust for more recent sales rates given the changes coming. If we use a 5-year rolling weight, you can put 45% weight to the most recent year, 25% to the 2nd most recent, 15% to the 3rd, 10% to the 4th and 5% to the 5th. Adjust the weighting to put more/less weight on different years, but always keep the most weight on the most recent. You can also choose to weigh by quarter (heavier in the spring/summer, lighter in the fall/winter), use only the most recent year's data, or however you feel like breaking it up. As an example: 2018: 46 (from your sales number above) 2017: 150 (Gold Cup year, assuming higher than typical sales) 2016: 75 (random number) 2015: 175 (Gold Cup year, partially hosted in Canada) 2014: 54 (random number) (46/52*0.45)+(150/52*0.25)+(75/52*0.15)+(175/52*0.1)+(54/52*.05)) = 1.72 / wk At a 3-week lead time for stock to arrive from manufacturer, you'll need an ROP of 3 * 1.72 * 1.1 (buffer) = 6 scarves (rounded up) If 2019's sales were 150 scarves, then the new weekly average would move: (150/52*0.45)+(46/52*0.25)+(150/52*0.15)+(175/52*0.1)+(175/52*.05) = 2.26 / wk This would in turn push the ROP to 3 * 2.26 * 1.1 = 8 scarves (rounded up) I'd recommend recalculating your ROP quarterly, dropping off the oldest quarter and adding on the newest, but if you're familiar with statistics, you can also adjust for seasonality. It isn't an issue you need to really consider/worry about at the moment given your extremely low sales-rate, but hopefully will be at some point down the line. -- In 2018 I believe I ordered 12 items (10 scarves, 1 hat, 1 toque, plus a ticket) as one of your last orders before you closed up the shop. So the total number of items ordered has to be a little higher than 16, but given the rest of your comments, the point is still very valid.
  4. Rintaran

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    May be available for pre-order prior to Christmas with delivery officially set early in the new year. I've seen kit reveals & delivery timelines along that sort of style before. It's not as convenient as it should be, but it still usually gets the benefit of Christmas sales, without worrying about the Christmas delivery. Just wrap a framed copy of the order receipt page with a picture of the kit for everyone you're buying it for, and they'll get excited about it twice.
  5. Rintaran

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    I have the Highlanders jersey. It's probably one of, if not the highest quality jersey I currently own. IMO, it beats out a couple from Umbro and Admiral that I have in my collection. Admittedly, I've only 7 or 8 jerseys, but I really like the quality.
  6. Rintaran

    CPL General

    More likely the cap is set to gradually increase, with it eventually reaching or surpassing the level of spending that Ottawa was already involved with. This would allow Ottawa to have the higher cap without any increase, until the rest of the league was raised to the same spending level. This seems (to me anyways) like it would be the most sensible procedure for dealing with a grandfathered amount.
  7. Rintaran

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Ah. Someone else had mentioned they didn't have a French site, and I must have mixed the two replies as you've been very Franco-focused. I also did notice (and mention) the French site was not up to date. Sadly, my own grasp of the French language is so poor that I have to rely on google chrome for my translations. The league definitely should not be doing that, and I agree they need some French-original articles, with French content producers. Of course, I believe the same of L1O & the reverse of PLSQ (English-original articles with English content-producers, damn hard to follow a league in another language). Ah. I'll admit I skipped a bunch of pages, so must have missed the aboriginal ceremony suggestion. I think that would be a neat add to the beginning, I just have to wonder on the logistics (and potential cost) of making it happen. My son will be starting lessons in Anishinaabemowan (Ojibway) when he heads to school, as it is offered during elementary in my area. First Nations should be a major target market, especially given their growth rate. Hopefully these translations (and original content) will also be coming along in the future. Ideally, there shouldn't be an English site, a French site, an [insert language here] site. There should be one site, with all posts available in their original tongue as they come. Sadly, multilingualism is not as well-adopted as would be ideal.
  8. Rintaran

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Found the french site: http://fr.canpl.ca/ . Pretty easy to find, being right in the main navigation bar. Sadly not seeing any French social media for them though. I wonder, @ChrisinOrleans, are you also upset that they don't have any First Nations-language versions of the site? I mean, they're Canadians too, and First Nations languages have been recognized as official languages... Edit: It looks like their French-language site is not as up to date with releases. Time for them to seek out a French-language translator and content writer. Maybe a job for someone here?
  9. Rintaran

    CPL General

    I've a lot of respect for FuryFanatic, and he's usually fairly reliable. I hope that much of this thread of posts this time around are horribly off-base and being fed falsely from his buddies at the Fury to cushion the news that they won't be in CPL in 2019.
  10. Rintaran

    CPL General

    Actually, now would be a really great time for them to announce the 8th team, or at least announce a countdown timer. The longer they wait to react, the less prepared they look in regards to losing Ottawa.
  11. Rintaran

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I must say, I'm absolutely gutted by Ottawa's decision. I can sorta understand it from a business sense, but you have to think a York-Hamilton-Ottawa rivalry would draw better than Ottawa - Closest US "rival". Unless, ha ha, Sudbury CPL suddenly springs forward, I don't really have much in the way of connection to York, Hamilton, or Winnipeg (my 3 closest teams). I guess my Fury merch is going into vacu-seal, but where do I go from here?
  12. The PCSL is a summer league. Supporters, and to some degree, viewers are generally not welcome (though Vancouver United seems to be working to change that a little). Games are often rescheduled last minute without any notice on their website or through their mostly dormant social media. Level of play is below PDL, L1O & PLSQ. It can sometimes take up to 4-days for a score to be updated on the website's schedule, more if its the score for the final (waiting since Jul 29). PCSL could make the move for the designation, but it would require them to become a professional operation, which they have no interest in doing. Without extending the season, they still wouldn't be able to pull level to L1O & PLSQ, and the drop in quality of play means the Highlanders & TSS would never consider moving their 1st team down to their (well, the Highlanders) reserve team-level. Every year the PCSL continues to play is a surprise, a welcome one because they're partially filling a gap between the youth-levels and PDL, but they aren't exactly a solid or professional organization.
  13. You're correct. I could claim a typo or lack of coffee, I'm not really sure how I miscounted. PDL teams are used to play-in rounds. It's a part of how they determine who gets into the playoffs here, so that may go over alright. That being said, why bother calling it a play-in? Just call it the first round and be done with it. The Calgary Foothills moved to Okotoks this past year to ensure they could continue. I'd expect them to roll out with another high-calibre PDL club again next year. Despite WSA Winnipeg's 0-14-0 record this past season, I have confirmed with the owner that they will be continuing. The team serves as the top of their academy and focuses 100% on development. This results in a pretty variable squad as different players are given minutes to further develop skills. Victoria Highlanders have also confirmed their continued play. An announcement is expected from them shortly concerning changes to their development pathway. Currently the Highlanders field a team in PDL, reserves in PCSL, and have a Futures program. Neither Thunder Bay Chill nor TSS Rovers FC have had substantial changes in their area, and I've confirmed with Thunder Bay that they will continue. Much like Winnipeg, TSS' PDL club is the top of their academy, so there's no worry of them (or their women's side in the WPSL) disappearing in the near-future. If anything, I suspect TSS may put a reserve team into PCSL to complete their academy's pathway. There are 2 new confirmed clubs in the PCSL for next season, we're just waiting on the official announcements to see who they might be.
  14. There has been no further movement since the failed request quite some time ago. It isn't surprising considering the proposal was so incredibly weak. Neither PDL club was interested in the league as it was proposed. The did receive a couple of inquiries form the PCSL clubs, but there was little differentiation between the PCSL and the proposed league, with the exception of increased costs. As a result, there was little incentive to move over. The potential is there, if BC Soccer were to propose more than a summer-only league in a way that would make sense for investors. This would involve a complete rewrite of the league proposal. Whether BC Soccer will do that in the near future, is a very different question.