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  1. With Labbe and others, I think they need to get more friendlies on the schedule so they can get other players developed to take over these roles. Defensive depth is lacking and they need a little something extra or different in the midfield and forward to compete with the big dogs. Look at how many friendlies the US plays. It helps.
  2. My thinking is that Lawrence used to have free reign to go forward from the D wing. I don't feel she's still encouraged to do that. This year, she seems to only go so far then pulls up and passes off. She's too dynamic to waste when she has speed and ball control that's needed. I'm not sure they're someone to fill the defensive spot but I think they need to start thinking about how to maximize her impact.
  3. I think the reality is that the team has declined in the past year rather than improved. It could be the coach but I think the key really is declines from Buchanan, Lawrence and Beckie. Further, Rose and Prince haven't grown much. I don't think Europe is improving Buchanan and Lawrence. They've lost something. Beckie is struggling to improve and it may be time for them to just let another start in her spot up front. I also think they don't necessarily use Matheson or Schmidt in their best roles. They need to figure out the optimal midfield alignment and go from there. I think the D is okay and will not be an issue if the rest of the team plays better. There's also something to be learned from how Portland uses Sincy. That might make tons more sense here as well. The US is much deeper. When we have to talk about half the starters not playing as well as they have in the past, there is no question depth is an issue. Also, I think there is more killer instinct on the US. Sincy and Matheson are the only ones I see doing that for Canada though I thought Lawrence showed it last year. They need to address why players development has stalled.
  4. I think low turnout is not just location. I went to CONCACAF Olympic Qualification and it was the same way. Only US games had 1000+ attendees. Even US attendance could be better. This is not well marketed and tickets are available too late. Given people need to travel to attend, tickets/schedule need to be available six weeks or more in advance. It's more like three weeks. Having been there, I strongly recommend die-hard Canadians go to these CONCACAF qualifiers. With so few Canadian fans in attendance, you can easily interact with the players after the game. I also think they end up with limited options based on weather conditions. They look for decent weather sites which will get US attendance since those are the only butts they can count on being in the seats. I am surprised they don't try to find grass stadiums though.
  5. I guess I think it was more than just poor execution. This felt like the 2015 version of the team trying to build up play and not really knowing how to do that more than pass back to the closest player or boot it down to someone else which is harder to handle and maintain possession. The team had gotten better at buildup and using space. If you can't use space and tie together several passes against Jamaica, you have no chance against a better opponent. By trying to make long aerial passes, they helped equalize the two teams. Had they used possession, they should have held the ball for long periods and had many more chances. They are susceptible to an upset if this continues. Too much talent on this team to look like this. I mean you barely noticed Fleming. But you couldn't since they didn't try to use passing and involve the midfield. Rusty can affect some things but the decision making and style of play are not rust.
  6. Feels like boot and chase to me rather than the possession multi-touch game they played under Herdman. This is not good enough to be competitive.
  7. I love Lawrence but I didn't think she was the force she normally is in the first game. She played ok but her game seemed off to me. I worry her France team isn't developing her right. Her d wasn't as strong as usual and it took her a while to start joining the attack. The second game was a bit of a mess. I agree Chapman played well and would add that Beckie was pretty good in the midfield. Scott was pretty sound as was Sinc. Fleming had a bad game. Given her position, its hard to compensate for someone not setting things up, giving the ball away, etc. My concerns are 1) the US made good tactical adjustments plus played better on the grass surface. Canada didn't seem to adjust well to either. 2) Rose seems to be lacking in thinking the game. It feels like she would be a better late sub than starter. Prince is only slightly better at this stage. Prince had some good moments this game but those were with Beckie who I think she has good chemistry with. I feel the forward ranks need improvement so there is someone to capitalize on Fleming and Sinc's passing. 3) The defense also needs to be developing some defenders who will only play defense. I think Quinn has been great back there as has Lawrence but elsewhere they don't play defense which causes some issues in how the whole unit works together. When US capitalized it was poor cohesion and communication between the D on who was covering what. Goals shouldn't be scored by one offensive player with four surrounding them. Currently the goaltending is not strong enough or helping direct the defense enough for this defensive foursome. Imagine the difference if someone like McLeod was in net. I also think Matheson would have made a difference in this series.
  8. I think Fleming and Beckie need to be options. Honestly, some of those listed will be trying to hang on to a spot or gone when Sinc retires. I think that eliminates Matheson, Chapman, Scott and Schmidt. I also think its possible a new wave of players creates an option. I'm not sure there is a standout yet because of age differences but Fleming and Lawrence seem possible.
  9. Winnipeg had about 35,000 for WWC. However, the stadium was largely full of Americans. Attendance dwindled as the Americans left. Very few Canadians seemed to be in the stands and there was little buzz in the city around the event. Having said that, I believe Winnipeg could support this if they got behind it more than they did WWC.
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