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  1. Ansem

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    Interesting interview
  2. Ansem

    Ballou Tabla

    He trained with the 1st team as well
  3. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Just went on their website. The fools are still selling
  4. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    And a brutal Canadian Championship 🤣🙂
  5. Ansem

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    The Olympics only reminds us of how much debts it left behind.
  6. I know I'm early but... If Infantino gets his way 6 spots goes to CONCACAF, right?
  7. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    @Fury... Good luck signing players at the January window
  8. Ansem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Target audience...woman and horny soccer moms?
  9. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I still remember AS Blainville bringing it to them on the 1st leg
  10. Ansem

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Most clues points to Bob Young. It was the Tigers-Cat group that hired Paul Beirne I think
  11. Ansem

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    Passing themselves as Montreal would be bad. I think York did it right, Laval will do the same while heavily trying to draw the rest of the northern 450.
  12. Ansem

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    Laval Island and the "Rive-Nord" suburbs accounts for close to 1M. I'm from those suburbs and not being thrilled to transit to Montreal (except for the Habs) would be an understatement. If Laval handles their marketing and aims it hard at Laval (Jesus Island) and the Rive Nord suburbs, they could hit jackpot. Let's not forget that they have 3 subway stations on the Island and commuter trains which could make the trek easier for Montreal fans to get there as well.
  13. Ansem

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    I find you funny but seriously, you need to quit this
  14. Ansem

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    So it's more obvious
  15. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Rumors are that he's the money behind Kitchener-Waterloo
  16. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The same Young who just sold his tech company for $34B? 🙂
  17. Ansem

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Hoilett scores another beautiful goal, almost the same as last week https://streamja.com/OZv6
  18. Ansem

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    I personally think that the salary cap is still being decided. The logic of not talking about it is to avoid having to pay above market value for domestic players who, honestly, have not warranted being paid above it. You throw a number out there and agents will be quick to do the math, see that their client are among the best available at this time and negotiate above MV. I think they sign the domestic guys first. Then they go international....then they release the cap. Some teams might not go hard there but others might. Just saying, I'm not surprise the league won't say what it is quite yet
  19. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Multiple MLS teams were owned by the same owner at one point if I'm not mistaken
  20. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    1st article seems to strongly imply that they have to pay the city even if they dont make money.