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  1. Class will begin today at "whatever time the game starts" and the lesson will be how developing athletes with rocks for feet are no match for skill.

    P.S. If you cannot strike the ball with both feet you should take up a different sport. Not sure which players on Canada I am referring to but I am positive there are more than a few who favour one foot over the other. AND yes I am aware that Messi favours his left foot...which is why I do not consider him in the same calibre as Maradonna...or Michael laudrup or burbitov.

  2. Need I remind you guys of the 8-1 shlacking Honduras gave them? The only reason they made it to the 82 world cup is because they purposely scheduled the qualifying game in goose bay where the temperature was -20, knowing it would be hard on the Hondurans. Karma got them back though because they didn't score a single goal Mexico.

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