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  1. C2SKI

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Sure, but this is beyond tempering expectations. It’s a concerted and vocal negative spin on every single detail or rumour. It accomplishes nothing but squelching excitement. I’d like to know why
  2. C2SKI

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    You always have the most pessimistic outlook. What’s your motivation?
  3. C2SKI

    CPL TV Contract

    Can anyone speak for the quality of streaming services for their other clients?
  4. Zanatta scores for Alloa
  5. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I really don't understand how you could have expected the level to be any different. It's a league for Canadians and they're signing the best Canadians available. This is the only level possible, as this is the level of the Canadian player pool. The purpose of this league is to improve that level.
  6. C2SKI

    CPL General

    Anyone know what their ticket pricing and attendance was like last year? This seems steep
  7. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    A strong showing, with players included from North American based teams, would undoubtedly change the perception of professional soccer in Canada
  8. C2SKI

    CPL General

    Do people think that the players being signed could earn more in other leagues, or is this a realistic assessment of the market value of our domestic pool? I don’t think it makes sense to pay players more than they would earn elsewhere. I think wages should grow according to the level of talent and support
  9. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Do you think Ottawa wants to permanently stay in USL? They can never be promoted.
  10. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The pain started with Ottawa’s original decision. It really felt like a sucker punch
  11. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I really hope you’re wrong. There are plenty of international competitions
  12. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I do feel for you man, but yes, I think you’re being unreasonable
  13. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    In time, it may go that direction, but surely you see that they’re not all the same situation currently. This will set a precedent though
  14. C2SKI

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Perhaps CONCACAF's decision isn't based solely on Ottawa's situation, but simply on reasonable interpretation of the rules. In all honesty, CPL's existence does terminate the 'exceptional circumstance' which allowed Ottawa to compete in the USL in the first place. I don't see any way around that.
  15. Borjan gets the start against PSG. It could be a busy night for him.