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  1. I was actually at the City Centre park beside the stadium for the first time this weekend, and I was planning on retracting that statement. I had no idea how busy it would be. It completely changed my opinion of the location. The place was awash with families and the pub was packed too. I can see a lot of that spilling over to the stadium come game day. If there are empty seats come kickoff they should just announce discounted tickets inside. Oh, and the new stands are going to look great!
  2. He scored again in the second match of the day, a 6-0 win.
  3. Two more goals for Ricketts in a 3 - 0 win. That's now 7 goals in 8 games I believe.
  4. Picked up an assist on Gent’s only goal in a 2-1 loss
  5. C2SKI

    CPL General

    I thought Whitecaps were still paying a chunk. Regardless, they can pay the man and not count it towards the salary cap.
  6. C2SKI

    CPL General

    I'd hope for some sort of cap relief for season ending injuries prior to kickoff.
  7. C2SKI

    CPL General

    Agreed. The only information we've been given about how Pacific might lineup/play has come from fans spying on the UVic scrimmage from outside the stadium. The most football we've seen is a 7 second clip of them passing the ball from defense to midfield in an intersquad scrimmage. I don't understand this strategy. Give your fans something to talk about.
  8. It looks like there's mostly just single seats, and corner seats left for the home opener. I'm hopefully we can sell out, but I don't know how many walk ups you can really expect at Westhills.
  9. Penalties happen when you're a defender. Even when you do very little wrong
  10. C2SKI

    Best XI

    Anyone. He's our best player
  11. C2SKI

    Best XI

    3 different managers have played Davies at LB. It might be time to soften that opinion
  12. Bekker is 28, and he's coming off his strongest season to date
  13. History aside, Doneil Henry has played every minute for Vancouver this season, and he's been one of their better players.
  14. I'm a bit disappointed with Volkswagen as the kit sponsor tbh. I would've preferred someone local.
  15. Zanatta scores to put Alloa in the lead.
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