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  1. Mexico put 5 past us. That's what killed us. And if only we held on to our lead in Honduras or tied We would be through
  2. Fuck floro. At least osorio and will Johnson will be in the team going forward
  3. Hey were just like TFC when we have a man advantage!!
  4. That fucking back to back vs Mexico screwed us. Especially goal difference wise. Honduras gets them when they are already through
  5. One of will Johnson or Osorio needs to be out there going forward. Love arfield
  6. Ahh it's been confirmed? I missed the announcement. Thanks buddy
  7. Where will they be played. Both in Vancouver? I was hoping Montreal or Toronto for one (although Toronto attendance blows so I'd rather Montreal)
  8. I think starting lineup is perfect besides rickets for Akindele. I want to see that. I'd like to see Osorio too. Please don't bring up occean. Larin is our best forward, he's proven that at Club level, its not easy to score in the once in a while national game.
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