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  1. if you have to look "very hard" is that a good distribution network? And they looked at sportchek, but thanks a lot tips. The only time they've had displays of Canadian soccer stuff was during the WWC last summer and that was all Adidas stuff as the main sponsor. No mic drop this time, I'm just leaving.
  2. Haha, I can honestly say I've never heard that one before. And just because I picked it up doesn't mean it wasn't dropped in the first place. Now we're getting off topic for this thread but please tell me about this distribution network you speak of, because I've had a bunch of friends tell me they can't find Soccer Canada gear anywhere outside of a soccer specific store
  3. Maybe at first, but I played against men's league teams that had that template kit while the MNT was still wearing it. I'm well aware that every Adidas kit we had was cookie cutter, but every Umbro kit we've had has been cookie cutter as well, just like any Nike or Under Armour kit would be cookie cutter.
  4. i just counted on ticketmaster.com and there are literally 171 tickets left, all singles, this is unbelievable. #boredatwork
  5. That's who I was looking at, look at JDG, I still think it's off but we'll see tomorrow, hopefully it's just my laptop screen playing tricks on my eyes. And Umbro is sh*t, I would love to see us go Nike or back to Adidas. Or........
  6. Is it just me, or does the red of the shorts and socks not match the red of the jerseys? Yay Umbro.......
  7. Wow, that's awesome. And I admit it, I had to google "rude health" to see exactly what it means
  8. Not that it makes a difference, I've been in there with the hole opened and closed and I don't notice a difference, the hole is so small relative to the size of the roof. But for what it's worth the forecast is calling for no rain so I'm assuming it'll be open. Guaranteed the heat won't be on in there all week, that'll have more of an effect on the temperature than the roof.
  9. I am 99% sure there are not nets there, but I am 100% sure that I have 2 nets that I can bring! #nothingbutbackheels
  10. The shot at 0:50 of the bench celebrating with the flags waving in the background gives me goosebumps!
  11. Not necessarily, could be a scenario where goal differential comes into play (as it is FIFA's first tiebreaker, not head-to-head.....bush league), so we need to at least compete against Mexico and Honduras. Or hope Mexico completely pumps ES to get their GD down.
  12. Holy sh*t guys, I'm sitting at yvr picking up some people and I've seen about a dozen mexicanos walking through here, with their annoying green jerseys and all.... .....they went straight for the water fountains to marvel at the miracle of running water.
  13. Not really. Most non-soccer Vancouver sports fans are more aware of the Whitecaps season beginning, or more concerned with the Canucks tanking the end of the season than they are with the Canadian national soccer team.
  14. There's no way Hutchinson is not in the centre-mid. One page on the website has him as a mid, and I'm assuming a typo on the other page has him as a rightback. I'd be bitterly disappointed if our mid wasn't: junior, jdg, hutch, johnson, arfield, because that'd be the best midfield we've ever had, by far.
  15. ES and HON drawing both games would be a dream come true for us. And there is NO WAY that Mexico will lay an egg against Honduras at the Azteca, even if they have nothing to play for at that point.
  16. i like the vertical stripe on the jersey, can't stand the collar. Wouldn't mind seeing what the shorts and socks will look like, I've always thought we'd look great with white shorts and red socks, like tfc's original kits.
  17. We've had those before, they were hideous. I'm trying to find a pic on the web but no luck yet.
  18. It can be turned around in a day, doesn't need the same amount of time for the field to recover from a game
  19. Good post, but make no mistake about it, that stadium was built with the NFL in mind. That was off topic, my bad. Schedule looks good for the field, six days is plenty for a field to recover from a football game.
  20. The "opening" of BC Place is a tiny hole smaller than the size of the field so let's not make too much of it. It CAN be opened and closed year round unless it it raining or windy, which means if there's even a remote chance of rain or wind they have to keep it closed.
  21. yup. use it for the anniversary and then carry it forward as the primary logo perhaps
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