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  1. Solid first half minus the brain fart back pass. Realistically we are bossing the game and we should. We are that much better than them. Keep the pedal to the metal and let’s win this 6-1.
  2. Sounds like a good time had by all. Too bad no one was able to corner Herdman and ask about the lack of matches but that probably wasn’t the forum in which to do so. But now in the immortal words of Leslie Chow from the Hangover, “it’s game day m$&&@ f($&&(ers!!!”
  3. Finally a resolution. While I agree with Obinna that his on field play was generally very good, at least the distraction is now dealt with and player and team can move on. Hope this means we are getting either a stud winger or defender with the money now available.
  4. Not necessarily but he felt strong enough with the call on the play to alert the field ref that he needs to watch the replay as it might change his original decision. Would be interesting to see the percentage of his calls that the match referee overturns after being told by the VAR guy he may have missed something. You would think it would be well above 66% but when I think about it, it seems lower.
  5. Cornelius is young and needs pt to improve, and that pk wasn’t a penalty. Dos Santos knows this will be a long year and they are building for the future. Cornelius needs opportunities.
  6. Great for him. Didn’t realize he was getting consistent run outs with the Azzurri. Thanks for correcting. Imagine Bryan had committed to Canada our midfield would be outrageously good.
  7. Raheem replaced Hasler in the first half assuming an injury. Raheem scores Chicago’s goal in the second.
  8. The competition for England is severe. Tomori would walk on our team and start all important games. Hopefully this isn’t a s Cristante situation where a few guys get hurt, he gets a call up and plays his one and only game with their national team. More likely is that Nigeria makes a big push and we lose him there. Or he comes to his senses and commits to us and leads our D in the World Cup.
  9. Will is a gamer. He leaves it all on the field and now that the opposition is closer in level to us that may be needed to gut a result out. Also he does play. He gets consistent minutes in MLS and has been a captain in the league. Good to have him on board for this game if nothing else and Oso and Kaye are coming off injuries so the midfielders may be stretched a bit.
  10. For better or worse he is our manager right now. Don’t like how he got the position but it is done and the CSA won’t be dropping him unless we fail to qualify for 2022. The only way he is gone after the Gold Cup is if we get destroyed in all round robin games, and with the talent we now possess that would be an impossibility.
  11. I can’t think about the lack of games anymore. How a country in our position economically and one that supposedly supports athletics can allow our men’s representatives in the biggest sport on the world stage to not maximize the opportunities is a travesty. We have all the momentum in the world going for us and next to no media coverage largely in part to the fact that the team rarely plays. Maybe Vic created the Concacaf LON to force Canada to play.
  12. Excellent for Tosaint. He always answered the bell when called for Canada and was disappointed he didn’t see the pitch more for TFC as the super speedy sub. Maybe he returns in a year or two and finishes his career in the CPL.
  13. Tough loss. Crepeau played well, third goal was a deflection and other than one absolutely horrible pass from the back that almost gifted Minnesota a goal,he was solid. Cornelius looked ok playing out of position, seemed a bit jittery at times. Henry scores the second Vancouver goal and played well making some strong tackles. Dos Santos should be happy with the effort if not the result. Going to be our CMNT coach one day.
  14. Team played a good road game and great to see Bradley get on the scoresheet. Back three looked better but we still gave up some great chances. It was great to have Moor back who still looks like he can use his smarts to cover up for his lack of pace. DeLeon looked good. Would be nice to have Janson with this squad, hope they get some firepower to go along with Pozuelo. Great start to the year.
  15. Team had chances to play the ball to Phonzie but chose not to. He worked hard during his time on the field and was the second sub after Sanches. The play by play guy asked Kevin McKenna if he was from the same MLS team as Davies and McKenna got to mention the Calgary Foothills and Dino’s! Guessing that may have been the first theme those squads were mentioned on a Bundisliga broadcast.
  16. Three Canadians in the starting lineup today. In addition to Crepeau, Henry at CB and Cornelius at LB. Be interesting to see how Cornelius does there. Could have a back line for the CMNT of Cornelius Henry James Godinho and let Davies play further up.
  17. With the emerging talent we have between the ages of 18 - 24, if only two of these guys or other 2003’s become solid first team players and 1 other turns out to be a stud, we will be a force to be reckoned with in Concacaf.
  18. Wish I shared the enthusiasm of you guys. There are a lot of assumptions in there about getting players. If they finalize Pozuelo and get 2 TAM wingers my enthusiasm will increase, but even with that my temperament will not be as bullish as it was in17 and 18. Let the games begin.
  19. Pozuelo is the DP. I am assuming they didn’t get their man when they said he was in his prime and recognizable or else they drastically overestimated the knowledge level of the TFC fan.
  20. Hamilton, like Babouli before him, was never given an extended run of games to prove his worth. Watching Spencer get minutes was infuriating. Hopefully Hamilton gets an actual opportunity to succeed this year. If he doesn’t he needs to get out of TFC and find another place to play. Like AJH in Montreal. Another Canadian youngster not getting the chance to actually prove they can play in the league.
  21. How did Tesho make that list ahead of some of the guys listed above? He will most likely never see The CMNT again. Loved when he committed but he is not one of our top players. Perhaps he wanted to spread the love around to a number of teams.
  22. Even if we somehow get three more all it gives us is penalties and I wouldn’t bet on TFC in that with the current team. Played much better but damage was done.
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