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  1. Isn’t head to head the first tie breaker if we somehow both finish 4-1? Strange if it goes to goal difference in a tournament where you play every one once each
  2. A u-20 tournament limits those you can call. For The CMNT, any player who is eligible can play and that includes those u20. We have hundreds of professionals but only a handful earning first team minutes that could play in the u20 and with our relative depth on the men’s side as opposed to the u20 a few more guys should have been sent to Florida.
  3. Without the red we could have been patient and then used our height advantage to hopefully get something off a set piece. Unless they lose a man quickly in the second our chances are minuscule.
  4. Fonzie on his own may have been enough to push us over the top
  5. Wow. Of course their guy should have already been off for his earlier tackle
  6. Panama playing a 6-2-2 according to the commentator.
  7. Basically have to expect shite refereeing in these tournaments and plan accordingly
  8. This has been an eye opener. It appears we are improving as a nation overall but by not bringing our best age appropriate players we are now battling this tiny island tooth and nail to get a result. Very disappointed that the hierarchy either felt the u20 wasn’t important enough or they felt we were strong enough without them. Hopefully we bury one but realistically we will need to best Panama regardless.
  9. Boys should try to outdo the CMNT and put up at least 6
  10. Need to finish one of these and then the floodgates will open!
  11. Honestly for an average price of what 35 dollars they will be lucky to get 2000 people in the stands after the first two games. Or you could have tickets average 20 bucks, clearly undercut TFC and hope to get 4-5000 asses in seats and build this thing into something and make more money. The more I see the more worried I am. I truly hope I am wrong and will go to support Canadian soccer, but really think York9 may be in trouble with in a few years.
  12. Vitoria for sure due to our lack of CB’s with solid experience. Witherspoon committed at the wrong time for him. If he arrived with Arfield he might have played himself into the mix but we have too many young mids for him to get much if any time with the team.
  13. Anything alteration to the current format that gets us some meaningful games is going to be welcomed with open arms by Canadian fans. We need the serious games and the CSA couldn’t refuse to play if we earned a spot could they?! 😉. If I was from a powerhouse nation I probably wouldn’t be happy but until we are consistent top 3 in Concacaf let’s enjoy it!
  14. Let’s hope Cyle gets some pt and takes advantage of it. I truly believe he looks like he is not hustling out there much of the time due to his size, but there are some points in a game where he is lazy. He needs to work his ass off every minute. Needs more Cavallini in his game.
  15. Wish him all the best and it would be great to be cheering him on for the CMNT!
  16. Those three were better than what we had at the time. I particularly remember being very happy about Tesho, but the reality is none of those players were going to be playing on even a mid tier football nations steam. Now that we have improved so much in the front 7 those players are pretty much done, especially as almost all of the players are in their prime or U20 meaning the likes of Tesho and Fraser are caught in the middle and Kris has his work cut out for him.
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