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  1. Need some quality and depth. Hope that allocation move is with a specific big move in mind. And as MLSE is not shy to spend the extra cash may give us an improved signing.
  2. Whether Vancouver is a tire fire this is up for debate, but Dos Santos is s winner and he employs Canadians. The Whitecaps will no doubt sign more talent but the roster will be at worst 33% Canadian and we want our players to get opportunities and they will get chances in Vancouver.Looking forward to TFC then Whitecaps double headers.
  3. Wow is that 10 Canadians on the roster?! After hiring Dos Santos and prepping for this season with more than50% Canuck representation - is that proof that the Whitecaps no longer hate Canada?! Definitely going to be the team I follow most closely after TFC. Hope the younger Whitecaps get some minutes and start getting into the mix soon for CMNT!
  4. Absolutely stoked that Cornelius is coming home and that I can watch Phonzie playing for Bayern Munich. Had to cancel BEIN and pick up SNWorld to ensure more Junior and Davies games are seen at the expense of La Liga and Ligue 1. Being able to watch our players on cable instead of dodgy internet streams is fantastic and with the CPL starting we will hopefully be watching tons of Canadian content each and every week. Perhaps as more Canadians make their marks and the CPL gets off to a strong start, the National Men's Team might actually play a televised game during a FIFA window that isn't Nations League. Here's hoping.
  5. Losing Victor is tough. Can’t see VDW leaving too. Osorio’s rise lessens the loss of Vazquez to some degree but finding someone with VV skill set will be very challenging. Here’s hoping Ali and the braintrust have some irons in the fire.
  6. The bothersome thing is not that they drafted non-Canadians but that they took two midfielders when the back line is older and they have two aging attackers and then two unproven understudies. How they thought adding to the midfield was a priority is beyond me.
  7. While it would have been great if they had drafted a Canadian, the management of any business is to achieve both success and therefore profit. They draft who they see fit. The academies are mostly Canadian and they have promoted Canadians like Telfer, Chapman, Dunn, Fraser,... it’s not like they hate Canada like some other clubs.
  8. Osorio had an incredible year and deserves the votes he is getting. He accomplished things that no Canadian has ever done and yes TFC’s year was shit, but the team is still very talented and he played like a boss all year.
  9. Ciman got his smashing balls from 30 yards + IIRC. That isn’t Gio’s area. Not sure about the potential signing though. We are old enough in that spot already with Moor. Hoping for a more dynamic addition to work with GVDW and Mavinga and Moor.
  10. He certainly wasn’t forced and most of the conjecture on here has him forcing his way into the position by threatening to leave. Herdman is putting on his big boy pants and will live or die with the results. He seems pretty confident in his abilities.
  11. Hope it works out for Montreal but in a league where a ton of guys are barely making 6 figures, someone over a million needs to have a significant impact. Interesting thought reviewing the goals scored against salary. I guess compared to Gio at 6 or whatever, 12 goals for a million isn’t that bad.
  12. While the starting 11 is fine the issue still remains that our depth is not able to withstand the rigours of a full MLS schedule and a lengthy CCL run. The young men from TFC2 are not ready for prime time from what I have seen. We lose a cb or striker and we are in for another mediocre season. I know they will better understand how to work through it all which is a positive, and that will help to some degree, but the roster as it stands doesn’t appear to be able to handle injuries any better than last years.
  13. Some of us do both. They are both of my teams and I support and watch every game I can. Now I will most likely add York9 because I love the game and want it to succeed in Canada. More exposure will hopefully lead to great things and the World Cup will no doubt do that.
  14. Damn right we would be! He is however ours so I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt.😉
  15. That was a “Canadian” hard nosed play. Giving his all to get the all important goal, damn the consequences. Maybe our hockey culture is rubbing off on him.
  16. Terrible results still help his chances to get into the first team. Even if the coach is fired, I would think Davies would get a chance to play if the terrible results continue.
  17. Tosaint and AJH need to move on and play. They were useful to Canada, and I thought AJH would be in the mix for minutes with us, but rotting on the bench has made both afterthoughts. If they can’t find a spot in another league, they should be in the CPL.
  18. If those teams are truly interested he is no longer “our” starlet. He signs for a team from that tier of club and it is highly unlikely that he plays for les rouges.
  19. Did what we needed to do. Fate sealed for Gold Cup? Great we still need to win our final game to guarantee that we are in league A and playing the best of CONCACAF.
  20. Wotherspoon’s experiences may make him the best bet. David for Tabla. 👌
  21. No subs yet. Will be interesting to see how Herdman plays it.
  22. Superior conditioning it looks like for our boys. We are bossing the game but need #2
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