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  1. yup, what's wrong with a bit more attacking mentality..
  2. it wouldn't surprise me if pinnacle limits wager size for this game Canada already charting new territory as a heavy favourite for the match
  3. saw this too but that's ~30k max payout to the players ? and do subs have to split that bribe with whoever they go on for? not a ton of money given how much is bet on matches these days...
  4. lest we forget... https://sports.vice.com/en_us/highlight/panama-newspaper-is-not-happy-with-gold-cup-officiating
  5. Well, if you count those friendlies earlier this year, it's like 4 goals in the last 3 matches . Dare to dream! There's a lot of situational stuff in our favour too...
  6. Maybe I'm just drinking koolaid, but I'm starting to get a bit more optimistic about Tuesday. It's not impossible....and these are just some scenarios.
  7. its not the most likely outcome but there's value on the draw and/or Canada win. also like Canada team total over 0.50 goals
  8. rojadirecta.me should have a ton of streams, but most are in Spanish. wouldn't surprise if ustream had a few too. they don't bother talking down streams that are not north American sports
  9. per bet365, canada is 19.00 to win and a draw is 8.00. not impossible, but not likely too.. let's hope for the best
  10. i hope they can do something positive and not just bus park. Either way, they likely lose, but if you score a goal at Azteca it will be a huge boost to the team psyche and player confidence.
  11. anything is possible.. just ask Trinidad and Tobago
  12. ok..glad to know his travel hiccups were short lived.. hope he goes on as a sub... just got a hunch he could do something special on Friday
  13. saw this at the end of an article posted today: http://www.rednationonline.ca/Articles2016/JohnsonHenrypreparedtobeintoughagainst.aspx "Notes: Canadian midfielder Iain Hume's arrival has been delayed to due travel interruptions." this might have something to do with the incident in Brussels ? assume he's going to make it on time though, right ?
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