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  1. I wish he had gone to Leeds when that was a rumoured opportunity. He would  have a year in the Championship under his belt and be fighting to promote to the Premier league. Maybe he can go to Fulham who have just been relegated. 

  2. I thought crepeau and Henry were good. Crepeau made some big saves and bailed the Caps out. The Whitecaps had way too many cheap turnovers. We could barely keep possession for more than 10 seconds at a time in the first half. The tram misses Davies; nobody close to his level out there. In the crowd people were buzzing about Crepeau — nice to hear positive comments for him. 

  3. David and Cavallini were beasts. I was disappointed with Piette. A lot of wayward passes and he botched the pass  back that led to the goal. He also held the ball too long and often just didn’t seem in sync.

    I would say it felt like watching a team that had not played often together, which they haven’t. Some great individual efforts but as a team it lacked cohesion. You can see there are some great moments but often there were some real gaps in the play. 

    Also, was it me or does it seem like everybody was hitting the deck very easily. Either the field was too slippery or there was a lot of hacking. 




  4. 18 minutes ago, BrennanFan said:

    After being up 3-0, Besiktas squandered their lead, full time 3-3.  Larin did not get on even though Besiktas were looking for a late goal in the last 15 mins.  The starting striker scored twice and played the full 90.

    Besiktas have about 10 games left in the season. I would almost bet Larin isn't on the field for the remainder of that time. Off to the Dutch or Belgian league I bet.

  5. An article says he’ll be making about 40,000 euro/month and his contract has no exit clause. Not sure the ins and outs of this but I assume this good for Milan. I wonder if this is an opportunity for Red Star to try and have one more run through champions league and then potentially sell Milan for a lot of money to a bigger club as he would still have a few years yet on his contract.

  6. With today's loss in Champions League, Red Star are out of all European competitions for the year. Does this make a possible transfer to Borjan in January more realistic. He has shown that he is a good keeper. Might've won the league last year. Had a god run in Europe and at this point will win the league again. Not sure what more he can do for Red Star. he'd get more money and visibility in a big 5 league. Maybe mid-level Premier league? SerieA?

    Anyone know what his plans might be.

  7. 1 minute ago, Keegan said:

    You just chose the largest possible South American team and smallest MLS team to make a point... come on. 

    “I would imagine playing in CCL against the likes of Club America will give Osorio an amazing experience plus far more eyes on him than if he is playing against Leones  in Primera A or The Strongest in Copa Libertadores.”


    But he's already done that, right? He's done those things you mentioned. He hasn't played Bocas. We see where CCL has got him. A good contract with TFC. This is great. If he wants to go somewhere further I suggest he moves to the next opportunity especially when people are seeking him out.

  8. which league gets him more exposure to Spain, France, Portugal etc. I would imagine playing in Copa Libertadores against the likes of Boca Juniors will give Osorio an amazing experience plus far more eyes on him than if he is playing against the New England Revolution in MLS or Saprissa in CCL.

  9. Just went back through soccerway's site and looked at the number of games Canada has played on an annual basis:. We only played four games this year! The last time we played so few games was 2001! I know we have a solid team on paper but they actually need to play together to develop cohesion and understanding of each other. Last night there were moments when some of the guys looked great together and others where it was painfully obvious that there has been no match play. There was no connection between players -- this was most obvious in the attacking end with passes going to the chain link fence in the corner or shots hitting the shipping container behind the net. This has to change if the team is going to progress.


  10. I looked on Ticketmaster and based on that I bet we’ll get between 7000 and 8000. 

    I think this type or a game against a minnow would have been a good chance to play in a smaller market where the men’s team rarely if ever plays. Halifax or St. John’s would have been good east coast options. They could have also hit Victoria or Winnipeg given it was a longer break. An extra couple of hours on the plane and a few more hours time change would not have been such a big deal given they don’t play until next Tuesday. Save TO, Montreal, Edmonton and Van for bigger opponents. 

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