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  1. so what's the link? nothing working now.
  2. Article about Marcus Haber. Interestingly indicates that he'll not play again for Canada until the Gold Cup (assuming he is picked). Friendly in March will focus on younger players. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/marcus-haber-never-doubted-dundee-climb-table/
  3. Adekegube and De Jong start at LB over Teibert. Unfortunately, the way things are going for Teibert I don't see him playing a major role for Canada any time soon.
  4. Now I'm interested to see who will make the cut to go to Bermuda. Will any of the vets get left behind?? any guesses as to who the 18 are who go?
  5. I imagine Straith -- he's out of contract now. For fun, how about Cavallini!
  6. Fair enough. You need to post the interview so we all have the same insights!
  7. Happy to stand corrected. I just don't like making assumptions off Instagram photos.
  8. Happy to stand corrected. I just don't like making assumptions off Instagram photos.
  9. A picture of some teammates playing guitar is hardly any indication that he's tight with anybody. Lots of photos of lots of people together. Doesn't mean a thing.
  10. Aird is once again not in the lineup for Rangers. Loan coming in the New Year?
  11. Will we ever see him go to a Canada camp again?
  12. Glad they are doing a camp and having a pre-camp in the US before going to Bermuda. It will be good to have some of the peripheral players be able to challenge and make the squad so they can travel wit the team for the game. Sets up good internal competition. I am disappointed by the location of the game though. Bermuda is first world with top quality infrastructure. Also, the weather at that time of year will be very temperate. and finally, despite their best efforts, Bermuda doe not have a high quality team. It is tough when they have such a minuscule population. This won't be the test our players need. A camp in the States followed by another camp in Nicaragua, Guyana, Haiti etc would have been more of a challenge. Hotter weather and worse infrastructure and arguably stronger teams.
  13. Henry could have done better getting back on the goal and James could have had a better attempt to stop the cross. They all looked gassed -- Hondurans looked like they could run all day.
  14. Here's the list of current players the MLS links to for whom this qualifies: http://pressbox.mlssoccer.com/sites/default/files/MLS - Canada Homegrown Grandfathered Players_0.pdf
  15. I want them to call Davies up for this. Get him his passport!
  16. That Dundee score is from last week. They won 2-1 today. Haber played 90 minutes. Looks like he is making a real difference to the team. They've jumped up the standings since he moved to the team.
  17. He had no options. Where were his D? Didn't see the game but only the three goals. Did Milan have any decent saves? Will the Premier League come calling now?
  18. true but Stoyanov also got shelled 6-0 in the last Champs league game so he might sitting when the next game comes up. Borjan has played every game (3) since they were walloped by Arsenal
  19. Atiba not in the lineup for Besiktas -- Is he injured? Borjan getting the start -- hopefully this keeps up and he starts against Arsenal next week Stanese on the bench for Aalen -- nice to see him already included
  20. With Leutwiler committed and a few other keepers now actually getting playing time! I thought I'd put my proposed top 10 forward: 1. Borjan 2 Thomas. 3. Leutwiler 4. Chencinski 5. Stamatopoulos 6. Crepeau 7. Hirschfield 8. Monsalve 9. Gomes 10.De Bellis (I assume he's Canadian)
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