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  1. agreed. total jerks. a disgrace to our nation. totally cocky. I know them all. I'm watching the game, they can't perform . the worst.I mean we should tell them to give up now. They are brutal. Really cocky absolute embarrassment. you said it pal.
  2. This is silly talk. What if a player doesn't try as much as they should and never hit their potential? Do they owe their money back? What if a player realizes they aren't going to be the next Messi - so they quit early on but they've take money? Do they give money back. No. None of this happens. If you get your funding, you get it. We don't come and claw it back. Just as much as we don't claw back the education or health care funding a person might have used as a Canadian when they were growing up and then moved to another country as an adult. Time for people to put on their big kids pants and realize that we live in a country that allows free choice. He can play for our country or not. Period. What he received as far as funding is concerned is a non issue.
  3. Sounds like you had a tough childhood.
  4. Is anyone going to this game? I looked at the stadium seating map and there are TONS of seats left. Full sections have one or two seats sold -- that's it. I fear this game is going to be played in front of about 800 people.
  5. Good news for Monsalve. Maybe he can get back in the national team picture: Canucks Abroad‏ @Canucks_Abroad Huge congrats to @davidamonsalve who has signed for the Swedish div. 1 club @HusqvarnaFF
  6. I can't imagine Wotherspoon starting the GC. Coming off the bench -- sure. I agree with Kent -- we are a fickle bunch. whether it would be for loving Davies and then ditching him for Wothersppon or for hating Haber and then loving him and then hating him again. Would we be excited if we learned that Haber (A SPL regular) was suddenly eligible to be Canadian? Would he be pushing players who have been in the system for a long time off the starting line? I doubt it. This is why we're on a chat board and someone else is caoching the national team I guess.
  7. I chatted with a Scottish friend from Aberdeen who now lives in Canada. He was basically a neutral when watching but his comments were; "Canada gave a good performance and Scotland were bad as usual . . . We've (the Scots) been permanently disappointed for almost 20 years!". This is the mental piece that Octavio Zambrano is talking about -- the negativity that permeates some teams: we (or the Scots) suck and that is shown in our results. Arfield also mentioned it in an interview, Canada has to begin to believe they can win and they will start to play to their ability. We have good players; better than many concacaf nations but our mentality stinks. We walk into games hoping to hang on rather than assuming we can win. I'll be interested to see what happens to Scotland and Slovenia this weekend, judging by all reports Scotland's already lost this game before they've even played it. We need to stop fallin into that trap too. (cue the Anthony Robbins self-help videos here!)
  8. Watch the replay again. Arfield tries to kick the ball out with his left foot over the back end line i.e. give up a corner to relieve the pressure. Tissot gets in the way and the balls is blocked and lands at the Scottish player's foot. Unfortunate the whole way through. Serious of errors leading to that goal not one player screwing up.
  9. That's the most offense focused line up I've seen in years.
  10. Is this game going to be broadcast?? Anyone know?
  11. Aird and Gaspororotto getting called up to play: http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2017/03/15/falkirk-boss-peter-houston-insists-fraser-aird-luca-gasparotto-can-enjoy-top-level-careers-prepare-face-scotland-canada/
  12. early prediction: we lose to CR 2-0, draw Honduras in a terrible 0-0 match and beat FG 3-1 and advance on 4 pts as a top 3rd place team. Here's hoping!!!
  13. French Guiana isn't even a FIFA member so even if (when?) we beat them we'll not gain any fifa ranking points. that sucks. We need to beat/draw Honduras and CR to even get a damn point out of this competition.
  14. Named to the SPFL team of the week. " Haber has to go down as one of the signings of the season" http://spfl.co.uk/news/article/spfl-team-of-the-week-81/ Pretty good for a guy many like to grumble about.
  15. I just watched this game for 2 minutes. in that time Borjan takes a guy down in the box, penalty against him and they score. I can see why he'll never make it to the top leagues. Too many rash challenges, late decisions (on this one he broke out to the ball late, the player shot over him but Borjan took him down). Here's hoping he carries on with this level but someone else jumps up to take over for him in the years to come. They are now down 2-1
  16. We can't score to save our lives. . . .
  17. Anyone heard of him? 25 year old Goalkeeper from Ottawa. He bounced around 5th div England then 3rd Div Sweden and now seems to be the starter for TPS in 2nd Div Finland. He has started their last 3 cup matches (a win, 2 draws, 1 clean sheet). At this rate of progression I figure he'll be starting for Bayern Munich in 2 years ?
  18. Is nobody excited that we have a keeper who is on the bench for a Serie A team? I appreciate he is a fill-in but if he ever gets into a game he'd be our highest playing goalie (by league level) by a country mile.
  19. Will Borjan ever land in a top 5/6 league? He seems to bounce around the various European leagues on the periphery but never jumps to a big one (I know he was in Turkey but only for a short time and with a smaller club). Is this his lot in life or might he ever make to a big league or does he not have the talent?
  20. Good news, Petrasso on the bench for QPR. Assuming he starts getting regular playing time with QPR does he jump to automatic starter for Gold Cup?
  21. Thanks. Much appreciated.I hadn't realized he was a free agent.
  22. So is Straith finally signed with Inverness or did it not go through?
  23. Scotland Professional Football League: Scotland (and Canada's) National football league.
  24. that back pass by Straith is brutal. My U9 team knows not to do that. He had time and space to put it out, blast it up the line of try a pass to his midfielder (not sure who it is). Instead, he chose the most risky move. bad decision.
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