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  1. Leeds about to go top of Championship without a defeat. I don't think Larin even starts for them if he goes there at Christmas.
  2. and Petrasso nowhere to be seen with QPR . . .
  3. I think a move to Leeds would a great move. I saw them play in Leeds this August and they are a very good team -- finally on the path to the Premiership. This would give Larin a good opportunity and he would get great exposure plus with any luck he'd be promoted next year.
  4. He is being an asshole. Are people at his job better Canadians or not based on how long they've been in the country? How about the guy on the bus? What level of canadianism does he need to satisfy our pal Lord Bob? Bob might be a good Vayageur but he's being an asshole when he is putting his opinions out about what constitutes being a Canadian.
  5. Why didn't the Bermuda match count towards our FIFA rankings? As far as I can tell we never received points for it. Was it deemed unofficial for some reason?? Is this something we need to let CSA know about ? It would totally suck if we beat Jamaica and we don't get the ranking points for it.
  6. Transfer day today. Any word for Henry? I've sifted through the web and the only thing I have seen (all rumours)is that he might be straight up released from his contract after the deadline is over. another one is that he'll be sent to Bristol as part of a larger deal. I hope he goes somewhere soon and doesn't drift into nothingness.
  7. Agreed. The D-man was ball watching on the 2nd. Totally out of place. It could have been a much worse score, the D line looked invisible at times
  8. Ugh, I wish he went to Belgium. Get with a decent club, maybe play in Europa League or even Champions League. Truly develop into a leading starter for years to come.
  9. Borjan started and Red Star won 2-0. Two clean sheets in a row for him. My hope is that he really finds his groove with the new team, they make a decent run in Europa League and Borjan finds some stability. Who knows, maybe after a year or two of success he'll be picked up by a team in Serie A or in Spain.
  10. He is quoting Robbo. Botchford didn't write that.
  11. SO , I am hoping that, aside from the moemntum the team sems to have begun to build, the solid play for some of our players really translates into new opportunities. Moves so far: Borjan -Red Star Belgrade Adekugbe - IFK Goteburg Moves to come: Aird - ?? (somewhere in Scotland I imagine Piette - ?? div 2 Germany, Spain , I don't thinkhe'll go to Montreal Kaye - Maybe a higher level team takes a closer look at him (NASL?) Cavallini - ?? 2nd Div Spain Anyone else?
  12. This is a great move for Sam. He is a talent and it would be a shame if he just rots on the Caps bench. This is on Caps' management. Play your Canadians! take a risk! I was at the game on Sunday and our defenders looked bamboozled (technical term) by the Portland attack. One play in front of me saw Jordan Harvey deked out of his pants. Not to say Sam wouldn't have been burned but I'd rather see a Canadian have a shot at it then an American or a player from a random South American country.
  13. Prediction: Canada 2-0 Larin with a header goal from Arfield corner. Davies with a nice shot from run of play. Mexico in semis
  14. Yup. I'm hoping that this Gold Cup really springs Piette and Borjan off to greener pastures. I was hoping Aird too but I don't think he's had enough playing time to really show much. Honestly if Borjan and Piette can't move somewhere decent after the tournament they are both having then something is really screwed up. I think Adekugbe might also get another Championship level loan after this tournament too. he has impressed especially after being injured for so long.
  15. Supposed to be around 34c at game time (9pm) ugh. hot!
  16. at least we're not going backwards. I know these rankings don't make the most sense but they help us with WCQ and more importantly give the team some credibility and pride.
  17. Not sure I buy the argument. I've coached in soccer games/tournaments where score isn't supposedly being kept and I can guarantee you everyone knows what the score is and the coaches are playing the players that will help them win the game; Yes, they are helping all the players develop and trying to improve their abilities but you know damn well they are also trying to win the game. On the other side, in baseball, coaches are trying to win but they are also developing the kids and helping them improve. I think you can have developing players and scores being kept. Our hockey system isn't suffering because we keep score. Kids are running cross country and are aware of their times and where they placed in the race. Competition is ingrained in all these sports: if you think kids, parents, coaches aren't aware of score and how it is affecting the play, tactics etc you are fooling yourself
  18. This has drifted from a Cavallini page But I will happily jump in here. I am fairly involved in Victoria youth soccer and the one thing that strikes me is how in soccer (U8-U10) we dare not keep scores or have a playoff system or, God Forbid, have medals or a trophy for an actual winner BUT in a sport like baseball which is played often by the very same children and involves the same parents there are: playoffs, medals for the winners, scoreboards at the parks etc. In baseball, nobody is harmed or feels alienated from the sport or is not developing (I would argue that Victoria produces better baseball players than soccer players but that's for another post). So, why can't we do it in soccer?? It boggles the mind.
  19. Happy for Tomer. If they win this round I believe they play a team from the Czech republic which will be a good test and also get him more profile. I hope he gets a chance to come to a camp for Canada in the future.
  20. AJH has more goals than Akindele in both the MLS and for team Canada this year. That is important and I think what Zambrano is looking at right now. He's going with who he feels can deliver. Akindele's job is to score goals. He isnt doing much of that right.
  21. That's the spirit! I guess time will tell.
  22. I think it is great. If you read between the lines, Zombrano is saying he doesn't think Akindele is the guy he wants in the tournament. Sure, he'll give him some time in a friendly but right now he wants players who are hot and scoring goals (Akindele's goal production is fine but not like Cavallini or AJH). In fact, I think this is a good wake up call to players that we now have some depth. and you need to earn your spot. Getting the same guys on the field that we always do won't work -- it hasn't worked in a long time so time to switch things up.
  23. when I look at the roster i actually (fingers crossed) see some potential for exciting play, a few goals and (dare to dream) a win or even . . two wins
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