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  1. This is interesting. What I have heard from TDs is that you can’t tell much about a player and how they’ll develop until they are 13-14 or so. When they are 10 and under they still have to go through puberty, their interests might change, they might lose interest etc. The superstar at 8 might be nothing at 14 and the unsophisticated player at 8 might be the all star at 14. I’m sure there is truth in your comment and mine. Suffice it to say there is no silver bullet answer for development especially at the younger ages.
  2. Courtesy of Canucks Abroad, Kris Twardek going to Sligo Rovers in the Irish Premier League!?!? Seems like a long drop off from almost making Millwall:
  3. Interesting that transfermarkt has the transfer at £1.16m. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jumplist/transfers/spieler/221038/transfer_id/2115634
  4. Interesting article courtesy of Canucks Abroad. In short Red Star has brought in another keeper in case Borjan departs. It seems Borjan will play the Champions League qualifiers and then sit down with management and see where he goes or if he stays. He must have a number of suitors with a lot more money available than Red Star does. Nice that he has options and the ball is in his court. http://mondo.rs/a1113043/Sport/Fudbal/Zoran-Popovic-golman-Crvena-zvezda.html
  5. So I was looking at the FIFA World Ranking tool. Next month Canada is forecast to drop from 411 to 315 points!!! That is a huge drop and will move us to around 105 from 79. Anyone know what is going on there? The wait out the summer with no friendlies strategy isn't going to help much it seems.
  6. ??? finishing 6th at a tournament that a few years ago we'd have probably finished close to the bottom? I know we have tendency to crap on our team but we also need to give them some support when they actually have done well.
  7. So if this article isn't Fake news and google translate isn't having a laugh this says that Borjan was beaten up during the Red Star celebrations while trying to protect his friends and has since contemplated leaving the club . . . http://www.pressserbia.com/ekskluzivno-navijaci-zvezde-pretukli-borjana-na-proslavi-titule/
  8. Aird now with Dundee United. https://mobile.twitter.com/FraserAird/status/1002547496474824704/photo/1
  9. Ack. My research was poor. The famed Paul E. Joseph Stadium has been demolished!! (Visiting teams couldn't handle the pressure!). We must now contend with visiting the revered Lionel Roberts Park which by the looks of things had the same architect as Royal Athletic Park in Victoria.
  10. I'm sure this conversation was had in bits in pieces on the Board but now that we can see the full schedule do we want the team to call the best players up i.e. Arfield, Cavallinni, Hoillet, Borjan etc etc against the US Virgin Islands and try and get a zillion goals or do you bring in a younger team to gain more experience as the go to the fiery cauldron of Paul E. Joseph Stadium (move over Azteca)?
  11. Boominbooty

    Victoria CPL

    Westhills is not central. It is in Langford in the Western Communities -- 20-25 minutes from downtown. Royal Athletic Park is basically downtown, a stone's throw from where the Victoria Royals Play at Save On Arena and on major transit routes, near bars and restaurants etc. On the plus side, Langford is all in on sports development and infrastructure and house Rugby Canada and, I believe, Golf Canada facilities. Overall, Greater Victoria is small enough that this could work nicely but it would mean a lot of people driving out to Langford which is traditionally not a soccer hot bed for the city but it could become one. They certainly have the space to expand the stadium and the willingness to do so.
  12. Aird played in the playoffs and his team lost 2-1 so they are now out. By all accounts he played very well in both legs. Nice to see him back in the swing of things.
  13. Soccerway says attendance is over 8000!!!!! How do they pull that off? All the bureaucrats holding meetings in the stadium? That's nuts for a mid-morning start.
  14. Maybe a sill post, wrong forum etc etc but for shits and giggles, here are a list of players I expect (hope) will move to bigger clubs (more profile, higher league ) etc in the next 0-12 months: Davies (off to England) Millar (Rangers! or Championship) Borjan (Higher European league: Dutch, Portugal?) Cavallini (Spain) Osorio (Spain) Anyone else?
  15. Borjan started and got another clean sheet for Red Star Belgrade yesterday: 3-0. Red Star is in the driver's seat for the championship. They are 9 points up with only four games left to play. With two more starts Borjan will get the highest amount of minutes he's ever had as a pro starter. Throw in Europa League games and he has eclipsed it already by a mile. This has been a great move for him: Europa League experience, most likely Serbia League Championship and a spot in the Champions League next year. Assuming the team and Borjan do well next year I could see Red Star selling him before his contract lapses in two years' time. Maybe to a big league -- that would be nice.
  16. and interestingly Larin is being promoted on the Besiktas twitter feed now for some club promotional materials.: https://twitter.com/Besiktas/status/984763287605862400
  17. Do it in Victoria. Why? a. We have a small stadium (two in fact). b. we have a loyal soccer fan base c. we have a history of successfully supporting Canadian national team sports and athletics d. you can play all year round. e. I live here.
  18. So is there anyway we, the Voyageurs, can reach out formally to the CSA and say: "Hey, we are your loyal fan base, we supoort you thick and thin etc etc can you give us an update on: upcoming schedules, the background on OZ's departure, Where Cavallini is, are you trying to get Tomoroi etc" Most pro teams (irrespective of sport) get their gms, coachs in front of the fan base or season ticket holders once a year to have an open q and A session. Can we not do the same (even if it is over twitter or something like that). Anyone? who on this board has some influence?
  19. Simon Thomas with a new club: 2nd Div Norway: Kongsvinger. I think it is unfortunate that he couldn't stay in the top tier in Norway. http://www.kil.no/nyheter/landslagskeeper-klar-for-kil
  20. I'd like to think that Premier league U23 teams are stronger than many of the concacaf minnows we see. I trhink he is up to the task.
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