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  1. Don't forget Brorjan is playing PSG this morning. When was the last time a Canadian started against the quality of Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Di Maria etc etc ? Playing Costa Rica and the US will be a joke in comparison
  2. Everyone needs to chill out. We'll get the media attention we are due. Christine Sinclair is a big name and probably the only soccer person that most Canadians could identify. If she says something, people listen. We are still in the low 70s and we are playing Dominica. I think it is unfortunate that this has become a new story. but the folks posting here need to relax and not get so butt hurt over it. The only people who will wind up looking bad will be the supporters as we get hurt over this perceived slight.
  3. Score prediction? I'll say 7-0 with Larin getting two, Davies getting two and then a hodge podge of other scorers.
  4. Dumb question but is everyone buying DAZN and watching Champions and Europa Leagues that way? I miss it not being on TSN. Also,, Borjan is awesome and I hope he goes to a big league after this season.
  5. I do like the ad. I want to read about his soccer exploits rather than sanctimonious windbags say why this is good or not. I can read the comments in Facebook or online articles if I want my fill of ill informed political opinions.
  6. time to lock and re-start the thread (again). It almost made it though the week.
  7. Agree with the poor teammates. As Don Cherry said just before being fired: “it is tough to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys”.
  8. I think it would be distracting knowing you are going to Munich and then you play daily with some questionable players. I think he will excel with the higher quality around him.
  9. Red Star win again 2-1. First already with a game in hand. I’m hoping this string of strong play from the team and Borjan gets him moved to a bigger club. Maybe January transfer window. Hopefully he get to show his stuff in champions league.
  10. What I have seen of Henry this year has been solid. I’d rather have him now than jakovic. I’ll take the risk of a mistake like last night knowing that it comes with pace and solid ability the rest of time.
  11. Do we really want the the CPL to be the place for Canadians who couldn’t cut it elsewhere? I’d rather get some young guys playing and earning some money rather than having it as the washed up Canadian retirement league.
  12. And I would imagine when he gets to Denmark D1 on a team that regularly plays in the champions league the last thing he is going to do is go to CPL in its inaugural year.
  13. Borjan with another shut out in champions league. They've not let in a goal in a competitive match this year. Zoiks!
  14. I watched the game at the stadium. Incredible stuff. Davies is head and shoulders above the rest of the players. As an aside Henry had a great game too, he won’t be in the MLS long before back to Europe.
  15. Hasn't been too much talk about it but I think it is pretty awesome that we now have a number of players getting Champions and Europa league experience: Champions Borjan - Red Star Davies - Bayern Munich (soon .. ) Legault - Celtic (early I know, but he might get playing with them) Europa League David - Gent (hopefully he sees playing time) Arfleld -- Rangers Larin- Besiktas Fisk - Derry City (I know they are out but at least he played in both legs) It wasn't long ago we were fielding teams with more than one player starting without a club. Now we have guys starting for clubs who play in top competitions. Add in the TFC crew who made it to the CCL finals and we've now got guys who are getting that do or die experience on a regular basis. What a time to be alive!
  16. I’ve got tickets to next Saturday’s game w a buddy who has never seen Davies play. He’s going to be pissed if he’s transferred by then ! 😀
  17. Adekugbe over Morgan. Arfield over Tiebert ( or most of the team) johnson — I wouldn’t take him but Herdman referenced him previously as a possibility to come. Given the game is a 2 hr drive from Orlando I imagine he’ll be there
  18. based on what Herdman has said in the past I would add Will Johnson, Arfield and Adekugbe will be plenty adjusted to their teams by then. They'll be there I imagine.
  19. Those are the rankings from June. The post World Cup rankings come out on the 19th. Expect us to tumble . . .
  20. I did like in the news conference when he used Cavallini as an example of a player whose story needs to get out to the public (along with Davies and Larin). Obviously he's been in touch with him and is hopefully confident that he is committed to the program.
  21. uh oh . . . . https://stv.tv/sport/football/1423341-scott-arfield-misses-rangers-macedonia-trip-through-injury/
  22. Arfield starting for Rangers in Europa League qualifying
  23. Ben Fisk getting the start for Derry City in Europa League qualifying against Dinamo Minsk. Good experience for him .
  24. Borjan starting for Red Star in Champions League Qualifying against Latvian side Spartaks Jurmala in Latvia.
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