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  1. For what it is worth, this is only the 3rd time since 2000 i.e. 15 YEARS!! that Canada has won 6 games in a calendar year: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_men's_national_soccer_team_match_results This tells me a few things: We are playing more games, both friendlies and official matches, this is a good thing. In fact, we've played more games this year (14) than any year since 2000. It also tells me that Floro is playing to win, because he is winning more than we normally do, this is good. We are slowly but surely moving away from the doldrums of previous campaigns like 2002 (2W, 0D, 7L), 2008 (4w, 3d, 6L) and 2013 (0w, 3D, 10L) This tells me that Floro and the rest of management are serious about improving things for the program. People might not like Floro's tactics but the proof is there: we are playing more often, we are winning more and we lose fewer games. .
  2. Har Journalist ‏@HarJournalist 7m7 minutes agoVancouver, British ColumbiaCanada Soccer President Victor Montagliani says, 15,000 tickets have been sold #CanMNT vs Honduras on November 13 @BCPlace in Vancouver.
  3. Any idea on what the total attendance for the Nov. 13th game is looking like? I checked Ticketmaster and it seems like more seats keep coming available i.e. doesn't look like sales are going all that well. It would be nice to hit 20k but I'm not sure that's going to happen.
  4. Floro is the man. Clearly he's quite the puppet master convincing players to come back to the squad like Cavallini or get others to commit like Aird, Bustos and Junior. Happy to see Thomas called up too. Also nice that Canada has more competition for positions. See ya later Unattached FC.
  5. and maybe Cavallini and Lefevre are going to get a call. That's why I put in the qualifier. As King1010 said I'm basing it on the Spanish tweet from last week. There are whole threads on this forum based on less information.
  6. I'm interested to see who is in this camp. Some are already committed to U23s, there are playoff races in MLS, and now we hear Aird and maybe Cavallini and Lefevre are going to get a call. We need as many of those who are going to play in WCQs in on the action but I doubt this will be the case. Personally, I would like to see Tomer Chencinski get a call as a back up to Borjan (Stama hasn’t even made the bench in the last few games). Also would be nice to see Aleman come in since he is not with the U23s . CSA twitter indicating roster release probably this Friday.
  7. I'm actually now wondering if this game is going to happen. Ghana is supposed to be playing the Ivory Coast on Oct 15 as part of the African Nations Championship in Ghana. Seems like a bit of a logistical impossibility for them to play in Washington DC two days earlier. http://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2015/10/16/africa/african-nations-championship/ghana/cote-divoire/2040669/
  8. Game against Ghana perhaps?!! Awesome, if true. http://www.internationalsoccerteams.com/team-news/concacaf/new-jersey-to-host-canada-v-ghana-friendly-on-october-9/
  9. Thoughts (hopes?) for tonight: I’d like to see either Petrasso or Adekugbe get capped tonight. Also, I wonder if Larin takes a seat and Akindele starts up top? Stama starts between the sticks. Teibert in for Issey. We’ll see . . . . .
  10. Way too much fussing about Osorio/Bekker. It is two games against Belize -- tone it down people. I wish everyone got this irate when Tiebert was frozen out of the picture for almost a year. I really hope the media (such as they are who follow this sport in Canada) don't waste questions about this with Floro. I'd rather know: Assuming we win, what other cities might we play in aside from TO? how long is De Guzman going to be in the picture? Will Floro carry on with a 4-1-4-1 or will he switch it up? Does he rate OCcean? All more important questions than this whine fest (and yes, for the record, I think Osorio should be called ahead of Bekker but it isn't the end of the world that he wasn't).
  11. Will Floro use these two games to get anyone Cap-tied? He cap-tied Mallan Roberts in Dominica ( I know he was only called up because of injury but this is the time to do it) Trafford? Lefevre? Boakai? Petrasso?
  12. Assuming we beat Belize and have both WCQ and friendlies in 2015 and 2016 ie a number of key games coming up. I think we should be calling on the following keepers: 1. Borjan - but he might not be our #1 if he doesn’t start for his club – he needs to sort his club out soon 2. Stama - for the first bit but not towards the end of WCQ. he won’t be called down the road if he doesn’t get back to starting and age is working against him 3. Thomas – Starting and playing well; I would imagine he might go to a bigger club next year (based on nothing, just a hunch) 4. Chencinski – No longer injured, has a chance to play in Europe next year if his team carries on the way they are 5. Roberts – liked by Floro, needs to play at a higher club level though 6. Leutwiler – If he gets called he jumps into the top 3 mix 7. Crepeau – Getting starts in USL; needs MLS time 8. Carducci – Needs more start in USL and then progression to MLS to even be in the picture; years away 9. Monsalve- ??? Where is he?? He never really got off the ground in Colombia – not in the picture 10. Lars – Not in the picture
  13. Agreed. I wonder how much of this recent uptake of Canadian players going to lower divisions where they actually start (rather than higher divisions where they gather dust on the bench) has to do with Floro. On more than one occasion he has commented that some of our players are not starting and are not in top shape. I wonder if there is extra incentive for players to recognize their abilities/potential and get their butts on a team where they will play regularly and perhaps get seen by better clubs AND be ready to represent their country rather than the alternative. I appreciate that other considerations like getting paid (because it is a job after all) plays into it but I wonder if some of them (Edgar, Hainault, DeGuzman, Straith et al.) have recognized they need to play first ahead of anything else. It means that the Canadian team now has fewer players with unattached fc and we have players in shape. Of course, now that I have said this, our top GKs aren’t playing . . bring on Thomas and Roberts!
  14. I stand corrected! Rangers Academy ‏@RFC_Youth 5m5 minutes ago Sorry correction!! LYON scored the opener for Gers. We were blinded by the superb run by Aird to assist him!
  15. Aird scores AND he seems to be playing right back . . . . Rangers Academy ‏@RFC_Youth 24m24 minutes ago 3' GOAL!! 0-1 AIRD. Brilliant run from @FraserAird from his right back position to slip in Lyon who slotted it easily past the keeper.
  16. Victoria -- Cool temperatures but not freezing. Centennial Stadium is a decent pitch and temporary stands can be brought in. Hosted Rangers last year and FIFA events previously. Would be a very strong home crowd I imagine.More difficult to get to Vic than Van from Seattle..
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