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  1. Okay I've gotta go with Best: Forge FC Worst: Halifax
  2. I was fully expecting Mathieu Choiniere to be the breakout young player for Montreal this year, but Bayiha has been a pleasant surprise on a team with some pretty good wingers.
  3. Just hearing St. Catharines even as a slim possibility gets me giddy
  4. Gonna make a bold prediction that Moses Danto signs somewhere and wins the golden boot
  5. Idk if this was mentioned, but that mysterious Junior Kingue actually did trial with York9, as shown in his Instagram post on March 12th He is supposedly participating at the FTF Combine today/tomorrow, so I'd assume the trial was unsuccessful. Also found this twitter account which is surely a Junior Kingue burner account trying to boost his stock, adds to his resume as a fraud.
  6. can't say that I'm all that optimistic after the last few RB projects in Aird/Petrasso
  7. Any other standouts? interested in the midfielders specifically, seems very cluttered with depth down the middle.
  8. I'm sure it was already assumed, but we do see Ledgerwood wearing the captains armband in those pictures.
  9. We're very soon to forget that David Edgar was easily our first choice CB before his long term injury, and surely we don't want Doneil Henry to be the most veteran CB in the squad. It seems to me like they at least value Edgar's leadership and experience with the NT. As for ZBG being questionable, he's looked good in the few times that we've seen him in the senior team. He's been in good developmental environments in Lyon and got some minutes already in the MLS, surely Cordova wouldn't be much of an upgrade if any. Teibert has been a complete spark plug for us the last few times he's come on, plus with it being in Vancouver.
  10. I suspect Herdman calls in at least one veteran CB. He seems to love Edgar but I can't see it happening since he has such a short time to establish himself and potentially earn his next contract at Hartlepool. I'd guess that maybe Jakovic gets called and Miller stays at home. Miller deserves his shot, but I don't know if it'll come so soon after his breakout. Otherwise, maybe he just brings in a veteran Fullback to lead the back line. De Jong would make sense if he's still in BC and not in the Dominican for training camp at that time. Only other change I'd suspect is Liam Millar in the squad, likely instead of Wotherspoon. And for the GKs, I'd love to see Ranjitsingh but I doubt it happens due to the T&T stuff, plus it seems like Orlando isn't too confident in him yet. It would be nice to have the 3rd keeper as a young guy like Busti or St. Clair. Thomas starts his season in Norway the week after so I figured that he'd want to be in training camp with his team. I would guess that they just keep it simple and call in Sean Melvin for the 3rd spot since he'll already be in Vancouver.
  11. Definitely a position where we could use some depth. Forgot that he hadn't been signed after the draft.
  12. While Valour doesn't have any Canadian caps, Galvis was called into the 28 man - national team camp for the Curacao friendly in 2017 but ultimately did not make the game roster.
  13. The most interesting trialist name for me would have to be Mansoor Afzaly. Only 21, experience with the national U23 team and a regular starter with Sigma. You have to be pretty decent for the National Program to call in someone not from Europe or an MLS system. The midfield depth at Forge obviously works against him, have to figure he'd be a decent shout elsewhere in the CanPL.
  14. I think I more so meant the hesitation from Canadian players. Although I can admit that Choiniere's agent probably had more to do with his decision
  15. I've been kind of thinking about the potential Laval CPL team possibly coming in year 2, and thinking that it would make sense for the likes of LBG to hold out on any long-term commitments. obviously a French contingent would be expected and I can think of a few guys who it would make a lot of sense for next year. In addition to LBG having no contract: Wandrille Lefevre is with AS Blainville this season because he has gotten his CPA and become an accountant in Quebec. He might not want to move anywhere, but a Canadian CPL team might be of interest to him. If Ottawa continues this implosion, it may leave Maxim Tissot and Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare looking for new clubs, and they've spent a good amount of time in Montreal already. Karl Ouimette has been bouncing around USL so long on one year contracts, Quebec might be able to provide him more stability. If the league quality is any good and Remi Garde continues to use Jackson-Hamel so sparsely, there might be an off chance of him coming to the CPL. Regardless I'd expect him to be moving on from the Impact after this year. The stability of the league, the professional image and a decent product on the pitch/on game day could really turn a second year franchise like Laval into a real success out of the gates.
  16. Akindele, Kamal Miller and Will Johnson all start in Orlando City’s opener
  17. some more sigma, and nice to see Quillan Roberts show up
  18. Yuma and Ferguson have some pedigree and could challenge for a starting role with the current lack of depth up front. Defence still seems a bit of a concern or at least a bit of an unknown.
  19. My biggest concern with this club was definitely the weak backline, but Mason Trafford surely spruces it up. Personally, I'd start Zator at CB with Trafford, making Serban slide over to Right back.
  20. Hopefully the Babouli rumours are true, that would fill the void. I've also always rated Awuah more as a Defensive midfielder.
  21. Funny enough, rumoured Valour signing Nicolas Galvis actually spent some time at Defensor. Trialled there when he was 16 and they were interested in bringing him back once they could sign him to a pro contract. It seems he chose the NCAA route instead, before eventually ending up in Uruguay again.
  22. I reported Galvis to Valour a bit over a month ago. Rob Gale went down to the Dominican Republic back in November and watched him at an "international player" combine where he must have impressed. Further confirmation as he liked CPL Transfers Instagram post about him and his cousin commented on it.
  23. I don't think Esua played in Canada though! I've been thinking that the three USA locations may be three different teams. One location is right near Albuquerque, so I've been thinking that they either played USL PDL with the Albuquerque Sol or at New Mexico State.
  24. hint for a second player. Mr. Tobo seems like Patrick Tobo who is Paulus' friend who formerly coached the U17's, and is from Cameroon. This player also played in Canada before. From the three listed American locations 2 would be in California (unless he's talking Disney in Orlando) and one in New Mexico A
  25. I've had some fun scouring the internet for clues to this one. Nothing conclusive but my first guess is Lamar Neagle, and my second would be Kevin Ellis. Few other possible options (depending on how we interpret it) I concluded were Quincy Amarikwa, Mo Babouli or Sean Okoli
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