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  1. let's be honest, if you're going to take time off work to go see Canada play, you're going to do the Texas double over the one match in NYC
  2. Cavallini did also get the assist on Davies' first goal with a nice hold and pass play
  3. Can't blame Crepeau for the first one, getting megged was definitely on him although the defense was also questionable on that goal
  4. as long as it's not rehabbed under the west ham staff. He's not responding well to how they do things clearly
  5. we were only able to get 1 game this window and this is the last international window of the year
  6. I actually disagree when it comes to Hutch, he almost always looks off balance but he makes it work, he's got a spider leg thing going on. Petrasso runs with fantastic control whenever I've seen him play, hopefully he'll be able to get into the good graces of the new QPR manager.
  7. After the first 15 minutes I thought it was a pretty decent game, Edgar's mistake aside. Offense looked half decent, a few good chances, Bustos needs to learn to pass a bit earlier but he's definitely got skill, Aird was fantastic.
  8. given the roster we're fielding, it's just a bit odd, their expectations must've been incredibly low
  9. that korean player(19 maybe?) is lucky this is a friendly, that's a dangerous challenge
  10. we actually look half decent on the ball, it's defense that has been very messy so far
  11. no player is going to want to leave during the playoffs to fly 15+ hours each way for a 1 off friendly. Ricketts makes regular appearance as does Johnson, sheer foolishness Hamilton is the natural backup if either Altidore or Ricketts gets hurt in training. Akindele makes regular appearances, maybe if he really wants to go he'll call up the CSA and they'll get him a flight. 99.9% sure Morgan is still hurt, he was 6-8 weeks somewhere around 7 weeks ago iirc It's a pretty meaningless friendly with 8 months until they play a meaningful game again, their club situations are far more important. There would be a far stronger argument to be made if they were playing two games in the window but with only 1 I can't see how it would be remotely worth it for a lot of these guys
  12. https://www.google.ca/search?q=2010+canadian+olympic+hockey+fans&safe=off&rlz=1C1ASVA_enCA692CA692&espv=2&biw=1600&bih=794&tbm=isch&imgil=iyzGdITQshB6mM%3A%3BComuoh_cmqAgVM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Folympic.ca%252F2013%252F07%252F20%252Ftop-5-hockey-fan-pics-vancouver-2010%252F&source=iu&pf=m&fir=iyzGdITQshB6mM%3A%2CComuoh_cmqAgVM%2C_&usg=__5XKIgCAKo5Wjq1ggKvSHgBZaYNw%3D&ved=0ahUKEwjGktfBp5HQAhUE0YMKHYFfDQEQyjcILg&ei=LqcdWMZDhKKPBIG_tQg#imgrc=iyzGdITQshB6mM%3A two can play at that game
  13. he basically tried to handball it intentionally, he would've made the play on anything other than that ridiculously perfect chip
  14. realistically we have 3 years to find a new RB. We won't need a proper good one until the round we just lost in, more than likely anyway
  15. your problem @futballer is that you talk a lot but say nothing, it's the common strategy of a used car salesman, blow smoke in your face until you buy bullshit, although why you're doing it on a forum of people who have no power to influence business decisions, I have no idea. I'm a bit confused about your claims of people who turn soccer leagues around, what leagues were those? Also Canada is for the most part an extremely protectionist country, you're going to be hard pressed to get a lot of foreign investment into anything.
  16. Is Hutchinson the first Canadian to Captain a team in the Champions League?
  17. AC Horsens was obliterated today, might be a chance for Henry to get in the lineup for their next game
  18. He's still super young, plenty of time to see what will happen although it seems like he's behind Sean Melvin as well atm
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