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  1. For those in Canada still looking for a stream you can sign up for TSN Direct for a day pass ($4.99) and watch it on TSN2. Just did it and it's working great.
  2. Steffan Yeates played for UConn in NCAA last year. Does this mean he's left school?
  3. Just looked at the wikipedia page for one of the international trialists, Giannis Charontakis and there's a pretty hilarious edited line in it, no doubt from a bitter supporter or ex-teammate. It's even bolded. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giannis_Charontakis "He was the worst player that ever played in Veria, but he always was in the starting eleven, because his grandfather was sponsoring the team."
  4. Ya, could be a few others. Milovan Kapor or Kosovar Sadiki could also be potential.
  5. One name I haven't seen mentioned too often for CanPL is Michael Petrasso. Seems like he could be a candidate no?
  6. I've been wondering over the last little while why some of the more known unattached keepers haven't been signed yet and I wonder whether the keepers have been lowballed a bit. This is obviously pure speculation but perhaps in a salary cap league teams have made a choice to spend less on keepers to have money available elsewhere.
  7. I'd add Mark Anthony Kaye to that list even though he never played for the first team. Think he was in the academy for a few years and played for TFCII before moving to Louisville and onto MLS success with LAFC. Arguably the most successful "true" academy player and never got a chance to play a 1st team minute at TFC.
  8. You haven't seen the Las Vegas jerseys before? check out the reverse side!
  9. downtownordinary

    CPL General

    Or maybe since the Caps signed 3 other homegrown players recently and no longer have an affiliate the players that left for Pacific FC chose to move there instead of playing for a travelling U23 team (if they were offered that opportunity)
  10. Salary cap is purposely not being officially announced so that they have leverage in player negotiations. If the agents know how much budget each team is allocated they will try to get the most % of the cap possible for their client. If that number isn't made known determining the % of the teams wages becomes more difficult.
  11. 5 new players? A couple old FC Edmonton Players? Here are a few guesses Michael Cox Mauro Eustaquio Daryl Fordyce
  12. Looks like TFC2/Can U20 player Rocco Romeo is on trial with Danish First Division club HB Koge. He played as a "test player" on the weekend http://hbkoge.dk/Default.aspx?ID=47&Action=1&NewsId=7862&PID=150 Looks like it could be a potential loan move? or might just be training, doesn't look like TFC announced anything about it.
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