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  1. Why on earth would you take 8 defenders and only 3 wingers??
  2. Liam played the last 14 mins got an assist on the 4th goal and a hockey assist on the 5th. Was flying when he came on.
  3. I have deleted all my comments in this thread and would appreciate if anyone who quoted me would too. I Will take a step back from this site for a little while...
  4. Boarding!! Vancouver here I come!! 🛫 Edit!! Sorry im excited have been back there is 25 years!!!
  5. Since his rehab he doesn’t play any games on turf in spfl...
  6. A very good article written by Josh at the athletic.. and yes I’ve subscribed...
  7. Buddy Really not rational at all that is pretty aggressive tbh “bozo internet argument? “ Sorry do I know u? I asked a question about your opinion on level of leagues that’s all but thx tips i knew I should have known better than to try to have a bit of fun and way in. I’ll delete my comment... maybe u can delete the quote and I’ll live on...
  8. Hoilett on the right Millar on the left??!! 😁 not sure why u would put Tabla above Millar(I’m not biased at all) Ballou has made 1 appearance as a sub since his loan move... Liam hasn’t had much more but has had 6 appearances including a goal and a game in front of 49000 hostile fans at Ibrox not sure if u rate the team/league the Tabla is higher than the spfl... anyways it was a year ago this week that Liam was motm vs New Zealand in Spain again not sure if you think FG is better than NZ... hoping he starts... ive said too much again... probably delete it soon after lol
  9. Fees paid for any player under 18 in England and Walesbetween academy clubs is governed by the eppp (elite player performance pathway) the amount of compensation is a flat fixed fee determined by tier of academy player is coming from and the length of time they were at that club. So Marcelo going from Ipswich town(cat 2) to Arsenal(cat 1 1) is a fixed fee plus the time served(I think he was at itfc for 2.5 years here is a link to the wiki explanation of eppp or go to the game website and search eppp https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_Player_Performance_Plan so really the fee Arsenal for him would have been a fixed fee of £ 62500((25000/year over 12)There should be no other fee outside of that. It’s the whole point of the eppp to stop high priced buys. At least in the UK.. . I think I heard through the grape vine that there was an argument as to when he started playing at what age and for how long for Ipswich town hence the delay. **edit sorry to add the Ipswich town website is a fan based one if the fee is set to rise ito £1000000 or £600000 it would be because of add ons for potential first team appearances not sure were the £600000 came from for Charlie Brown... he left at 16. 3x3000(9-11) +5x25000=125000(12-16)= £134000 total fee they are also entitled to training compensation should the player be sold on from Chelsea http://www.thefa.com/~/media/C2FB1444624F4367AA477A72D94B50BF.ashx Go to section 277-282
  10. Good finish. Very happy for him. Great boost going into the game on the 24th!!’
  11. A turn of pace vs Rangers ..how was this not a straight red card🤔
  12. Liam did really well today, he's been a really game changer and taken on what the manager Steve Clarke has to say. Very very unlucky not to be through on goal because of a cynical foul. Came on full of running and gave Rangers something to think about. Unlucky not to start but expected it against Rangers at Ibrox tbh.. Steve Clarke has a plan... He was not phased playing in front of a hostile crowd of 49000 fans at Ibrox. Not a lot of our senior men's national team players play in front of that many and thought at 19 showed a lot of maturity. This loan(his first) has been so good for him, really seen him grow into a man. His tail is up and he is full of confidence and keen to get back to the national team... he knows he has Hoilett in front of him but is happy for the chase... Looking forward to the game on the 24th
  13. Will be a tight game for Kilmarnock trying to limit a talented rangers in front of 45000 At Ibrox Liam should come off the bench as an impact player the last 20-30 mins hopefully
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