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  1. As an add on I would also like to point out that it will have an affect on youth. By having a team in "their" City a youth may idolize some of the players/team and that may sway their mind from another sport. Similar to a duo national choosing Canada CPL may help a youth choose soccer over hockey. Hell if the CPL launched 20 years ago we could be discussing if Larin is in our starting 11 or Crosby or Toews over Osorio.
  2. "The Caneys emigrated from Amsterdam where Moss was born and came to Nelson in 2002. When Tisma suggested Caney apply, he was playing soccer and living with his grandparents in Holland." and then his father; “Realistically, the high end of expectations for anyone from a Canadian town, large or small, would be maybe to get a scholarship in soccer to go to university. This opportunity, in and of itself, is a big deal.” I don't think we will see him in a Canada jersey.
  3. Looks like he's been called up to the u-23 squad.
  4. But wouldn't that drag Turks and Caicos FIFA ranking down!
  5. Taylor

    9 ROAD point weekend?

    You should have really started your post differently. As for the rest you make a valid point about looking for games to watch. You also somewhat taught me what the R means (I'm guessing results). At the end of the day I still feel that people can't complain if they see results for a game they have not seen while online, even in the title.
  6. Taylor

    9 ROAD point weekend?

    In this day and age if you have a game pvr'd you can't be upset if you go online, use social media or even go outside and see the results. You can't expect the world to stop so you can watch a game on your own time.
  7. Taylor

    9 ROAD point weekend?

    Funny thing a soccer forum having soccer results.
  8. It's not my patience or attention span it's my OCD telling me it's not finished! Having said that I don't like penalty kicks or shootouts to end games. Play until you win is the best way but not always practical.
  9. I think the point is we can hardly keep it civil when we talk soccer.
  10. No released a week or two ago
  11. Each MLS team is given an area for their academy's. You can see the list on MLS website I believe
  12. Christian Cavillini (Lucas brother) is in camp with WhitecapsFC
  13. Robert Earnshaw, Dane Richards, Kalif Alhassan and Christian Cavallini (Lucas brother) on trial with the whitecaps https://twitter.com/provinceweber/status/562458069120983042
  14. What are you talking about Dallas loves Canada
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