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  1. On the Ottawa Fury site it says he will depart at the end of the season which I assume includes the playoffs if they make it. Something like this doesn't happen overnight so the players probably saw this coming a while back and it doesn't seem to have affected their play too much.
  2. I don't mind this move seeing that most head coaches in MLS spent time as assistants first so this is good exposure for him. The only coach I recall that made the jump straight from NASL was Martin Rennie and that didn't end up so hot.
  3. chowda7

    2015 TFC Season

    We need to convince Edgar to switch to MLS
  4. chowda7

    2015 TFC Season

    I agree if you look at everyone who was sent down they are either in their teens or early 20's so unlikely to be starting anyways. Personally I'd much rather they get loaned out to TFC II to get starting minutes than sit on the bench for the first squad. Then in a couple seasons we will likely see a lot more Canadians with TFC so have some patience building this kind of thing doesn't happen overnight.
  5. chowda7

    2015 TFC Season

    TFC has a bye this week and with a bunch of players injured, suspended or with national teams we'll probably see a few called back up for next week
  6. chowda7

    FC Montreal

    It's nice to see some players from PLSQ teams shows some support for our D3 leagues
  7. I'd replace Jackson with Warner but other than that it looks like a pretty damn good line up
  8. I find that De Vos is really all talk and no action. This is also a major problem in Canada when you have bright soccer minds who stand on the sidelines and criticize others rather than trying to make things better.
  9. chowda7


    It's still possible with the Div III championship series between the two leagues
  10. chowda7


    Ottawa Fury are confirmed in the Quebec Premier League on their website
  11. Hope this move works out for him. Personally I can see him being a useful player in the right situation.
  12. With the money their spending I would just pay the fee and get him in for pre-season
  13. Great to see the club is still able to attract top talent despite their on-field performance. Although $7 million can be pretty persuasive.
  14. He does it's under http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:GiantSnowman/Dylan_Carreiro Weird title tho
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