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  1. Christine Sinclair gave an interview to TSN ( September 2018 ) which revealed that she still harbours ambitions for winning an Olympic gold medal ( which implies the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics ) as well as winning the WWC. If true ,then Christine Sinclair will probably not be retiring shortly after the 2019 WWC France. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7aoOJiojeY In addition, someone playing this well for both club and country could conceivably finish this cycle and then play for another cycle after that. At the end of the 2018 NWSL season , Sinclair was tied for fourth in in goals , tied for second in assists , and was one of the league's minute leaders. The same with Canada, Sinclair was the team's top scorer and a top minutes leader as well. To me, Christine Sinclair will break Abby Wambach's record next year ( 2019 ) but hypothetically if she doesn't I don't think it's a catastrophe. I think Christine Sinclair has a few more quality years in her and will at some point inevitably break Wambach's record and then add to it ( perhaps substantially ). Finally, if people knew how thin Canada's talent pool really was ( relative to other top nations ) then they would not be in such a hurry to see Christine Sinclair retire. For Canada's sake, it may be necessary for Christine Sinclair to play for Canada into her early 40s.
  2. If accurate, Canada will be playing China , South Korea and Nigeria in China , in mid January. https://footballlive.ng/super-falcons-set-to-tango-china-korea-canada/
  3. Past Sunday, Janine Beckie came off the bench and played 29 min vs Bristol City WFC in a Continental Tyre Cup fixture. Anyway, tomorrow a Man City women league fixture is being streamed on facebook ( 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET ) : Everton Ladies v Manchester City7pm Thursday 20 September💻 FA WSL Facebook https://en-gb.facebook.com/FAWSL/
  4. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    Highlights from cbf TV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGA16vTeS1Q
  5. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    Ludmila with the winning goal for Brazil. Veteran Brazilian striker Cristiane was not played in both fixtures due to an injury. https://globoesporte.globo.com/blogs/dona-do-campinho/post/2018/09/04/selecao-feminina-vence-canada-por-1-a-0-em-segundo-amistoso-em-ottawa.ghtml
  6. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    ^ No mention of Shannon Woeller also. And did Canada use Jayde Riviere up top ? She's listed as a fullback and she's played fullback for Canada at youth levels.
  7. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    [ 1 ] You can see the incident around the 41:20 minute mark of the UCLA vs Penn State match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3pg8gBbzlE UCLA was in the attacking third, Sanchez puts in a cross from the right which deflects and goes to the left. Fleming and a Penn State defender are in a foot race to get to the ball. The defender gets there first a boots it forward but Fleming blocks it at point-blank range and then goes down in a heap. Fleming then gets up hobbling and continues playing for another couple of minutes -- then takes herself out of the match. [ 2 ] On the formation: I think Scott would be in the midfield.
  8. ^ After going to the link. Click the ' X ' in the top right corner and you'll see the referenced tweet by Sandra Prusina at the top dated Sep 2 .
  9. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    ^[ 1 ] You're right , both Canadian fixtures are no longer on the scrolling ticker tape on the cbf website. [ 2 ] But this current Brazilian article ( Sept 3, 2018 ) still confirms the time and place for the closed door match: QUOTE : A Seleção Feminina volta a campo na próxima terça-feira (4), às 19h (de Brasília), para o segundo amistoso contra o Canadá. O reencontro será realizado novamente no Estádio TD Place. Na primeira partida, as canadenses venceram por 1 a 0. GOOGLE TRANSLATE: The Women's National Team returns to the field next Tuesday (4), at 19h (Brasília), for the second friendly against Canada. The reunion will be held again at the TD Place Stadium. In the first match, the Canadians won 1-0 https://www.cbf.com.br/selecao-brasileira/noticias/selecao-feminina/selecao-feminina-encara-a-inglaterra-no-dia-6-de-outubro [ 3 ] I didn't come across anything about what tier level the closed-door match will be. So I can't say.
  10. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    ^ I think the time for the closed-door match is 6:00 pm ET, September 4, 2018 . The Brazillian federation website has both Canadian fixtures with start times listed ( I presume in Brazilian time ) on their ticker tape at the top of the webpage. I think Brazil's time is currently one hour ahead of ET. https://www.cbf.com.br/selecao-brasileira/noticias/selecao-feminina/cbf-tv-transmite-ao-vivo-brasil-x-canada
  11. [ 1 ] Today, England qualified for next year's 2019 FIFA WWC France with a 3 - 0 victory over Wales. Phil Neville in the middle of the picture and Bev Priestman on the far right. http:// [ 2 ] Phil Neville with some thoughts about his new assistant manager: QUOTE: On his new assistant manager, Bev Priestman, and the process behind choosing Bev as his new number two: The story was Casey was my assistant and I always had a floating assistant which I wanted to be a female because I wanted to develop female coaches and give opportunities to female coaches. I don’t think they get enough opportunities at the top level. Casey went to United and Geraint Twose came in but I felt the rotational coach wasn’t working. There was no consistency in the messages, every camp we were going back to square one and introducing someone else to the camp. Mel [Reay] did a great job, Rehanne [Skinner] did a great job but I wanted consistency. I wanted someone who was different to me because I’m a coach. I wanted someone with different skillsets who could help me and manage my weaknesses. I also wanted someone who had gone to a tournament. Gone to a World Cup, an Olympics, been through the system coaching U17s, 18s, 19s etc. Bev was just the outstanding candidate. I spoke to her once and within 20 minutes me and Sue said she was the one. Her detail in her interview, the feedback from my friends in Canada was great and she’s going to be an unbelievable asset. She’s pro-active, she reminds me of a coach that you go into a room and ask for something it’s already done. She challenges me, she won’t just say ‘that’s great Phil’. She’s been really impressive. https://shekicks.net/2018/08/28/fifawwc-wal-v-eng-preview-phil-neville-talks-squad-balance-fitness-and-much-more/
  12. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    ^^ Equalizer Soccer said it last week : closed-door match in the same venue two days later: https://equalizersoccer.com/2018/08/24/friday-roundup-vadao-names-22-player-roster-for-brazil-friendlies-against-canada/ QUOTE: Vadão named 22 players to Brazil’s roster ahead of two friendly matches against Canada set to take place on September 2 and September 4. Players are due at camp on August 31. The first match will take place on September 2 at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa. The second, taking place two days later, will be at the same venue, but it will be a closed-door match.
  13. tc-in-bc

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    [ 1 ] Marta ruled out of Brazil's line up for Sunday's match as well as the closed door match on Tuesday. She picked up an injury last Thursday while training with the Orlando Pride. https://globoesporte.globo.com/blogs/dona-do-campinho/post/2018/08/31/marta-e-cortada-dos-amistosos-do-brasil-diante-do-canada.ghtml [ 2 ] Brazil's roster named for the friendlies with Canada: Goleiras Bárbara - Kindermann Aline - Tenerife (Espanha) Defensoras Mônica - Orlando Pride (EUA) Bruna Benites - Meizhou Huijun (China) Rafaelle - Changchun Volkswagen (China) Tayla - Santos Rilany - Atlético de Madrid (Espanha) Letícia - Sportsclub Sand (Alemanha) Fabiana - Wuhuan Chedu (China) Meio-campistas Andressinha - Portland Thorns (EUA) Camila - Orlando Pride (EUA) Andressa Alves - FC Barcelona (Espanha) Thaisa - Milan (Itália) Atacantes Beatriz Zaneratto - Incheon Hyundai (Coreia do Sul) Cristiane -Changchun Volkswagen (China) Debinha - North Carolina Courage (EUA) Thais Duarte - Incheon Hyundai (Coreia do Sul) Raquel - Ferroviária Adriana - Corinthians Darlene - Benfica (Portugal)
  14. When you look at the highlight video of the match, it does look like Janine Beckie scored the second goal for Manchester City women ( 3.28 minute ) and it was announced to the Academy Stadium as a Janine Beckie goal . But officially, the second goal is listed as an own goal for a Leicester City woman player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IeguDC9ZsE https://www.mancity.com/news/mcwfc/womens-match-report/2018/august/man-city-women-v-leicester-city-women-continental-cup-match-report-26-august
  15. Looks like the four semi-finalists are Portugal vs USA and Mexico vs Costa Rica with the final being played on Monday, August 13, 2018. It looks like Canada is in a placement match against Haiti tomorrow ( Saturday, August 11, 2018 ) at 9: 00 am ET / 6: 00 am PT https://soccerstl.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018-CONCACAF-U15-Girls-Tournament.pdf