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  1. Sorry, but is it 18 cities or ownership groups? Vastly different concepts. Aren't there something like five ownership groups in Montreal area alone (or was it Quebec, didn't look back to that earlier post). So, if it's 18 ownership groups maybe there are only 10 (or whatever number as an example) cities involved. I'm not negative at all on the growth of CPL, but we've seen information being misconstrued before.
  2. RickC

    CPL tickets

    Based on the above comments, I dreaded going on to Centre Circle app to get access to our four free Forge FC tickets for the home opener. I'm not exactly tech savvy. I actually found it fairly easy and it worked fine. I linked my Forge account with Ticket Master when I was prompted to do so. I forwarded the four tickets to my brother via email which also was easy. I had already selected Forge as "my team" so maybe this made it easier? Now if only I could explain to my kids how magnets work.
  3. This shows why poutine really should be our national dish. And Alberta, really?
  4. Anyone know where Canada's bench will be? I'd like tickets in a section relatively close to Canada;'s bench but can't remember where in BMO Field it's located. I'm thinking it would be near section 124 or 122.
  5. RickC

    CPL General

    It would take a lot of Big Nickels to support a team in Sudbury.
  6. RickC

    CPL General

    True, but Sudbury could have a L10 Reserve team as long as they have an OPDL license. Barrie's in the same boat. Perhaps this is the organic way of growth for the smaller cities: a well-run local club gets an OPDL license (or some equivalent in other provinces); establishes a L10 Reserve team; adds a L10 team; through some sort of promotion gets to CPL2; then, maybe even promotion to CPL1. One can dream.
  7. Seeing the black and gold HSR bus makes me wonder if repainting some to platinum, white and orange may occur if Forge wins the inaugural year of CPL. IIRC, the black and gold transit colours date to the TiCats winning (and hosting) the Grey Cup in 1972.
  8. RickC

    2019 Attendance

    I see all of the neighbouring seats are booked around our Forge season's seats (section 104). Question: does my son wear Forge gear to his soccer practices where his coach wears York9? Awkwaaard.
  9. RickC

    CPL Power Rankings

    Well, there we have it, Forge will be playing a 3-4-3.
  10. RickC

    CPL General

    I think Pique is better known than Shaqiri, other than in Liverpool and Switzerland.
  11. That would be the Stelco Tower? If I remember correctly, the air wasn't quite bad enough and the building didn't turn the expected colour. Oh, by the way, the round holes are not caused by rust, they're bullet holes.
  12. I'll ask them Saturday when I see them welcome Stoke City! Glad you didn't mention Leeds. Seriously though, I've sought advice on attending matches in Barcelona (UT) and London (Greatest Cockney Ripoff and dsqpr) and have to say we're a great community. See how I've taken some of the credit.
  13. I love the difference in tone...re MacNaughton, "he is from Brussels"...re Starostzik, "the German is coming"
  14. I think it's the book Soccernomics which reports studies showing the correlation between wage spend and how a team does on the field, and transfer spend and how the team does. It reports that there is a high correlation between wage spend and table position, but much lower correlation between transfer spend and table position. This was looking at the EPL over quite a number of years. Now that's in a league without salary cap unlike CPL, but I note this if you happen to follow other (non-salary capped) leagues.
  15. I don't think Forge FC members will get a refund as the email states the June Canadian Championship match is included with the membership. Maybe that was always the way, but I don't recall that part before. Also, the free part is members can request tickets for friends and family up to the number of season's seats the members have. The whole stadium will be open for the match and "will expand to beyond Tim Hortons Field's full seated capacity of 23,218, for one match only!"
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