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  1. People always say Monsalve should be called in. I was talking to some dude from Finland who told me that the second division in Finland is really really poor.
  2. Does Smits even get regular minutes for Edmonton? Straith is also called up. He's on trial with Dundee who have said both him and Carreiro are going to join the camp.
  3. I hope we stop calling up Jackson and Haber. Can't even hack it in League One. Calling up guys like them won't make us competitive in CONCACAF.
  4. I don't really care that much about him if he is going to snub Canada. Anyhow between Larin, Akindele (Assuming), Hamilton, and the veterans like Ricketts, I'm not too worried about the striker pool.
  5. I hope Borjan plays again. Although it looks like he might not.
  6. Does Gasparotto ever have a chance of actually breaking into the Rangers team?
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