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  1. Don't know where to put this but I thought this was a really good video interview with Steven Sandor on Canadians trying to sign for teams. One example mentioned in the video is Monsalve and Jacksonville. They told him that they wanted him but the fact he had a CDN passport was a problem. They asked him to quit soccer for a year and wait for a green card. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2k4d1o_steven-sandor-talks-about-the-issues-canadian-players-face_sport
  2. Looks like Tyler Pasher has joined the Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the USL.
  3. What pisses me off is that there is talent. Why is Eddie Edwards not called in? Or a Mallan Roberts (who is young and is being courted by Sierra Leone)? Or a Charlie Trafford, who got player of the year honours for his team in Finland? Floro ignores good options for guys like Mannella (who I like but has yet to play top level minutes). We keep saying "I hope we get results" but all it has been is draws and losses since Jamaica. A guy makes his way in Finland or the NASL? Not worth the time for a camp, better call in a college or academy kid who has no pro minutes! Attakora was part of recent camps. All of a sudden he signs with NASL and he's nowhere to be seen. He'll actually get games in NASL! People here like to act like Canada is a good team that can match up to a El Salvador or a Guatemala when I've yet to see any evidence to support that. We only score off set pieces (barely). The team builds out of the back and then proceeds to lose the ball to the opposition, we rarely create scoring chances. The team is anchored by a 34 year old Julian de Guzman and a 37 year old Dwayne De Rosario, and supplemented by guys like Ledgerwood, Jackson, and Haber, who benchwarming in third division leagues, and who haven't done crap for Canada in a long time. And yet we have people here talking about making the hex and getting to Copa Centroamericana! Score a goal from open play first! Our U17 and U20 failed to make the WC. We can't afford to have a seperate camp for the U23s. I love this team to death. I love Canada to death, but I just don't like where this team is headed. Now if you don't agree with me and think everything is coming up Milhouse, well that's great for you. I admire your optimism. I just don't see it.
  4. Milan has favourited a shit ton of tweets asking him to come to MLS in the past. I'd imagine he'd love to come but the fact his teams don't want to use an Intl spot on a Canadian keeper.
  5. It's almost as if some want the team to do and be better, which it won't with the current crop of players.
  6. So by your logic if a player doesn't have his spot locked down he can never play for the NT?
  7. Actually they were two seperate points. Stand by my disappoitment though.
  8. Where is this program going? I don't even know anymore. I had hopes to see Vitoria and Cavallini. Instead we'll get Haber and Jackson. I hate the fact that the CSA's budget is soooooo bad.
  9. I imagine if fit, Crepeau would get called over Stama.
  10. No idea, didn't know he had any connections to Canada.
  11. Roster coming out today, per Canada Soccer Twitter.
  12. Burnely midfielder, Scottish. Apparently eligible for Canada and rumour in England is Canada is persuading him to play for us becuase Scotland keeps passing him over. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/31958241
  13. I want to believe you are right, but at the end of the day, he hasn't played for Canada since the last Gold Cup.
  14. Maybe, but I think the U23s will need him more than the senior team, unless someone like Murrell steps up while in USL.
  15. He gave an interview with Sportsnet on Defoe and the way they were talking at the end of the interview made it sound like he's done with club football. Is he done with soccer? I don't know. We'll know for sure if he stops playing for Canada.
  16. Interesting. Monsalve says he is doing this to boost his chances of being a part of WCQ and GC. He wants to play regularly so Floro has more recent videos to watch him and scout him in. I assume Floro gets his situation, especially considering Borjan would be starting, not Monsalve.
  17. JDG is on trial with Columbus. Random I know.
  18. There was an interview he gave a while back that he said Canada approached him, and he played for them at the U15 level but after some bad experience with the OSA he opted to rep Scotland.
  19. Not sure who was better (Kaye has only really blown up in the last year, Mannella seemed to be going about his business quietly with TFC academy) but Aird wasn't passed over. He had been representing Scotland. It wasn't until 2013 where Miller reached out to him about representing Canada instead.
  20. A while back Squizzato said a member of Unattched FC was going to a club soon. According to him now apparently it aint happening, and it sounds like the player in question is retiring instead. JDG? De Ro? I wonder who it was. edit: I read the tweet wrong. The player in question isn't retiring, he just isn't going to join a club. Unattached FC will keep him it seems.
  21. Kind of counts I guess, Jordan Murrell will be signing with Real Salt Lake's reserve team. Real Monarchs.
  22. I wonder if Floro uses the GC to cap-tie a Fraser Aird or a Marco Bustos.
  23. Two 94s quickly come to mind in Chris Mannella and Mark-Anthony Kaye.
  24. In a full strength MNT roster Haber and Ledgwerood probably wouldn't be on it.
  25. Reports out of Salt Lake City are saying Murell has signed with the Real Monarchs in USL. He was on hand for their media day.
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