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  1. I'm excited for this game and hoping for a solid win. Too bad AD won't be playing this game, but CMNT still got more attacking options. Hope Herdman can fix the defense and maybe Miller is someone to help resolve those issues. Exciting to see youngsters ready to show out for CMNT. Herdman is doing well so far. Just don't like having AD at LB when CMNT have other LB options.
  2. Well hopefully these things won't occur any longer....
  3. CMNT targeting 2022... This article is from CPL site and does anyone here belief CMNT can in fact make it to 2022? It will be tough, but yes I can see CMNT actually getting to WC2022. Many nations are starting to get out of their Golden generation or highest level i.e Costa Rica. I feel what is currently happening with CMNT and the moves towards improvement overall on all level can and should get CMNT to 2022. @saladroit can't watch this video is it on youtube?
  4. Yes I agree with this as well. Don't feel that CMNT have a starting true CB that will lead this team for years to come.
  5. Well all I know I am excited for CPL and MLS. Many more Canucks will want to prove their worth to be part of the CMNT. I am interested to see how some of MLS drafted Canadian will do in two months. Does any have a chance to perhaps make it into the team for Gold Cup and also anyone from CPL any players to watch ?
  6. Well seems like MLS are going to draft some good young talent. Hope many will succeed in MLS and also be called up to CMNT. Too bad CMNT don't have many friendlies would be great to bring in those players soon.
  7. Alright well it's a high praise for him if he can reach that Steffen level of play that would be great young GK with good size. Let's hope he can get to that level if not higher.
  8. Is St.Clair being compared to Zack Steffen a correct one or just over hyped? If he is on that level that could bode well for GK position obviously for CMNT. Anyone got an answer or opinion on this...
  9. Quick question... Is there any Canadian player in the up coming MLS draft that could make an impact of CMNT in the next few months? Also St.Clair has been compared to Zack Steffen could he be an impactful GK for CMNT honestly similar to USA 1#?
  10. Having Nike might get more friendlies for CMNT with many National teams are part of Nike family. What about that supposed Friendly to occur I believe in Feb any word on that rumor? Davies effect should be great for CMNT. He will succeed I'm sure.
  11. Is he a GK that can some day become CMNT #1 or more back up type?
  12. FiFa ranking Canada is ranked 78th and I wonder if CMNT win GC in 2019, how far up would they move? Well we got some time to wait until next game and after that game CPL starts exciting. Hope to see CPL have a few players get called into CMNT for GC 2019. Exciting times for CMNT and Herdman is leading the way hopeful for many successful wins.
  13. This should be a good game for CMNT and should be a win. I am hoping a balanced line-up and having our players at their positions.
  14. CMNT DNA as Humble.... More from Herdman. Anyways to comment on the USA game yea they got beat and Pulisic was pissed. I am surprised the USA team did not hire Martino felt like he was being primed for the role. However it seems G.Berhalter will be the man to take the rein of USA per rumors. CMNT got Herdman and hopefully he will help CMNT rise up the ConCaCaf as some of you pointed out Costa Rice going down a bit, USA not being the force it once was, and Mexico will always be around for sure. This is the time for CMNT to rise and place itselt in the top 3 power of ConCaCaf. Excited for tomorrow and hoping to see fullbacks playing not Davies or Millar at fullback positions. He got to bring in all players for each position to build that chemistry and letting them play their position. Don't be like Klinsmann... Herdman.
  15. CPL draft and possible future CMNT... Great to see the draft has gone by and future potential CMNT players will come out of this league. I don't know which player will come up, but hopefully the games are going to help some of these players to reach CMNT. Anyways comments from Herdman on CPL draft. Any one know those Canadian player drafted and which do ya think would be able to make it to CMNT?
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