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  1. "..They are the weak link in the great chain of Socialism..." https://youtu.be/8hCCCRAcTAA
  2. Hats off to Canada Soccer and whoever was in charge of this online broadcast. Pure quality. I love the fact that there are no commentators and you can actually hear what the players are saying on the pitch. (you can hear the birds chirp) Oh yeah, nice set piece for the goal!
  3. Thanks for your hard work on this, Jamie and thanks for the update. Keep us posted.
  4. RIP Mr. Leggat. If it wasn't for you and your work on Soccer Saturday, Canadians would have had little to no exposure to the Beautiful Game on an international level in the 80s.
  5. CowTipper


    Can anyone here buy a Voyageurs scarf? My boys and I threw out our generic "Canada" ones out to the girls on Friday night so I'd like to replace them with Voyageur ones.
  6. That was THE most memorable game at BMO for me... Eli, thanks for your work in the capo stand and allowing my young sons and I to stand and support in the front row. They will never forget that match.
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